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Susan Parnaby

Many years ago I tried starting a jewellery business. Those were the days when if you lived in certain areas of the UK the government would all but throw money at you to start a business. That web site cost £5000. It scaresely got any visitors. i could not update it myself despite already having played with Dreamweaver a bit while doing websites for a post grad course. The developer had all the control. It was a disaster zone. That was in the days before WordPress. The fact that I got a grant for it softened the financial blow considerably but I have alwasy stuck to DIY with WordPress since then.

The answer to what financial investment is rquried to make a profit should be vertually nothing. The problem is it takes time to work out how your indidiual design can be leveraged to make a successful business. For example I have struggled as I have moved from one thing to another to another rather than maintaining focus. Ask me to work on a project for 2 months or more and I am sunk. Yet 2 months is not enough time to make much headway so projects sink without trace. Ask me to do a bit of this and a bit of that each day and I struggle. I cope best with one type of activity to focus on a day. So one day a month is money and accounts. Other days are family days.

Wou cannot succeed until you know enough about yourself to succeed. What are you good at? What is your preferred way of working? What actually works for you? Working that out can take time. Sometimes the only way to find out is trial and error. Try someone else’s system see if it works for you if not why not and learn from the experience.

The problem too many of us come out of the sausage factories we call school, college and university hardly knwing ourselves. Then we go into the little boxes called offices where we learn to fit into the shapes created by other people. If we are really unfortunate we are shaped by the bad behaviour of others and end up scarecely able to think rationally. 10 years after a destructive marriage ended I am still trying to work out who I am and what happened to me and around me. It is actually quite scarey thinking about how messed up my ex was, and I presume still is and the ripples that this has had on the people aound him. I was not mad but he drove me part way there with his crazy-making behaviour.

No wonder we cannot be who we were designed to be and do what we were designed to do. It takes time and effort to overcome that programming and find the real person underneath it all. Once we can be who we are designed to be then if we are designed to start and run a business we will be able to do so.

It can work by sheer force of will but not everyone has that kind of strength. I am strong becasue I have survived but that is a different kind of strength to what is needed to be a quick success in business.


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