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Sean Mize

Ok, I gotta jump in here . . .

by the way, I’m reading alot of these but not commenting on all . . .I am loving the preneurs helping preneurs phenomenon that’s going on here!

however . . I feel compelled . . .

I notice it seems there are strong opinions here . . things like, statistics show, having a guarantee increases . . . etc

My experience with guarantees is that . . . you really should test to know if a guarantee makes your conversion rate go UP

or . . DOWN for YOUR offer . . .

of course, if you really believe in writing guarantee copy and you don’t care if it increases or decreases conversion . . then it’s irrelevant to you . . do what you believe!

but . . if you are looking for them to increase or decrease conversion . .. test!

My own experience: putting a guarantee on my own sales pages doesn’t change conversion rate.

my theory: guarantees theoretically increase trust

but since I sell primarily (and almost ONLY) to subscribers who already trust me . . .I don’t have to state a guarantee.

keep in mind, just because you don’t state it doesn’t mean you don’t have one .. . .

if a client bought a training from you, then wrote you and told you it didn’t work for her and why . . . would you refund it, guarantee or not???


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