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Kristin VanTilburg

Thanks, Diana for posting this question! It has brought some beautiful comments out of people. My 2 cents is that self-doubt is learned. I am a grandmother, and my grandson taught me such an important lesson when he learned to walk. He tried and failed many times…he just never used those failures to decide he might not learn to walk. He never gave up. A few times he fell hard and hurt himself. Even with that powerful painful lesson he still didn’t decide he couldn’t do it. And then one day he walked. Simple as that.

If we can cultivate that child-like mindset of not making failure mean anything about our ultimate success we are much freer to just do our best, try, see what works and do more of that, see what doesn’t work and try something new. Working every day in simple faith that our desire to serve and contribute, and trusting that the inspired actions that arise from that desire are leaning us in the direction we need to go, no matter the immediate outcome.

Best wishes on your journey!

Kristin van Tilburg
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