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Steve Allen

Diana, great post/question. We all have self-doubt from time to time and often feel like we are running enthusiastically in the wrong direction. But…I think being part of this Community is a huge step toward answering and changing that. As we move forward we’ll get (hopefully) candid critique of the direction we are running and be able to make better and more informed decisions. I think one of the most important things is to realize that consistency is what it is all about. Sean is a huge encouragement to just keep at it until you succeed. If you get the right input from the Community and make sure you’re running the right direction, then stay running, you’ll make it.

Another thing I’ve heard a few times recently in regards to his is that you can’t climb more than one mountain at a time. That has always been my biggest problem. I try to go so many directions that no one direction gets the effort it deserves. So my new goal is to climb ONE mountain and succeed at it and THEN do the next.

If you're looking for a someone to bounce things off of in the IM world, I'm your guy and I really would love to help you out. Helping others is just who I am!

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