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Elaine Guinn

Hello Bruce,

Actually, my printed newsletter sales have been dwindling for some time as more and more people are getting all of their info electronically. I am pleased about that as I would like to get rid of printed newsletters entirely. They are, admittedly, a pain. But… at this time, they account for about 35-40% of my income.

I already charge quite a bit for both my printed and electronic newsletters and am getting ready to increase my prices on the printed newsletters the first of next year. There is no way I would go to the trouble without charging for them.

I offer printed newsletters because of customer demand. I have quite a few older customers who are computer challenged. Most of them want only printed newsletters. And… a substantial number of customers who buy my electronic newsletters also purchase a small amount of printed newsletters, at least several times a year if not every month.

I am currently working on a deal with my printing company to print some of my electronic publications (such as personalized Post Cards and Price Sheets) for my customers. I will set up and personalize the files, email them to my customer for approval, then send them on to my printing company. They will print, cut and ship the orders. They are basing their pricing to compete with Vista Print, which some of my customers already use. If our initial venture works out for my customers (and my printer), I’ll see if we can come up with something similar for my newsletters.

My main challenge right now is to get going on a comprehensive membership site for all of the new training modules and materials I want to start offering… and a great marketing strategy to get people to join and stay.

Thanks for all of your advice. I appreciate it.


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