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Bruce Hoag

What I want to learn

There’s a certain irony in this question.

That’s because many of us have a propensity to learn and to keep on learning, but somehow never quite get around to implementing.

As a result, we’ve been exhorted, even admonished, to stop learning and start doing. LOL

That said, there are two things that I want to learn in particular:

The first is what I’m missing. I can’t help feeling that even if I did everything I knew how to do that the most important things still haven’t sunk in. I feel tantalizingly close, but not there.

The second thing is that I want to learn how to find the people that I can help the most. You know, Sean, better than me what my strengths are; but for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to connect with the right audience.

Some of that certainly has been the result of changing niches a few times; but I think that there’s more to it than that.

Who I want to meet.

I like to spend time with people who are really smart, and so if I was in a mastermind group, for example, I’d want to be with the sharpest tools in the box.

Who I want to collaborate with

The people I most like to collaborate with are those with whom I can create joint projects.

That’s much easier said than done.

It’s about finding those who need what I have and who have what I need.

I prefer to have part of a pie, rather than 100% of no pie.

I want to have access to . . .

Not something that I’d thought about.

I want to . . .

Build a business that frees me from the day job and enables me to live where I want to and manage my time the way I want to.

I also want to help as many people as I can inside and outside of this group.

Bruce Hoag PhD
The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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