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Julia Rotgers

The biggest thing I’m looking for in a community is related or complimentary services to collaborate with.

I’m thinking cross-promotion, packaging products together and being able to offer more than we can on our own.

Similar to what you see with the large JV’ers but on a smaller scale, simply because many of us don’t have active lists of 1000’s.

In this way, you might add a product of a community member that’s getting started as a bonus.
This gives more value to your people and gets the new product out in front of your subscribers.

As the African Proverb says;

“If you want to travel quickly, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.”

Having a type of team behind the scenes to look things over, click through all links and see where the user experience might need to be improved would be helpful.

You just don’t see it all and sometimes it was “fixed” but not saved or you missed it all together and you don’t know until it’s been an issue.

I would also like to be in a group where most people see the glass half full.
Where the culture is to keep moving forward (My kid brain goes back to the movie Meet The Robinsons 2007).

If people are going to grow they have to feel like they are in a safe place to share, no matter what the level of learning and growth.

I’ve been in paid forums where members don’t always play nice, and while I know it’s not easy to keep people playing nicely together I ran an offline group for local merchants and often had to tell people to leave their issues at the door so I know it can be done.

I think it starts with defining the culture of the group. What are we all really here for?

Being able to introduce ourselves through our profiles can help get to know each other and let other members in on what we are here to do.

Lastly – then I’ll get off the stage – The best forum I was ever a part of was a paid forum that celebrated taking action more than anything else.

We often had countdowns together where we checked in with each other for 3, 15 or 30 days to see if things got done.
It was fun and added some outside pressure because people were looking at whether or not you finished on time.

Yes, it’s accountability but it was also camaraderie and as we cheered each other on it built trust.
If you’re shy or not the first one to jump in, seeing it’s a safe place to grow can make all the difference.

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