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Leslie Leftley

Hi Claire,

You seem a lot like me. I ask a question when deep down I really know the answer.

But maybe you, like me , like to get what we really think re-affirmed by others. I believe this community will be a boon for us in that aspect.

But if I have guessed you all wrong, please feel free to pour scorn onto my theorizing.

The answer to you affiliate question, I feel, is that you are not really interested in that method of marketing. So I would focus on the methods you are really passionate about.

Maybe in the future, when you have gained more experience, you can add affiliate marketing to your tool box. And because of the other successes, you will have generated by that time, you might then find it a useful addition to your skill set. You can use it to raise quickly raise cash for your own business while also helping your clients by offering them something you truly believe in, but that happens to come from a third party.

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