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Julia Rotgers

What you can charge on your credit card depends on your limit.

When I’ve had to pay or receive a large amount I use a bank draft. The transfer costs a flat fee and I would trust it over PayPal for a 5 or 10K+ payment. But that’s just me.

I have a business account with PayPal and they say there is not an incoming limit, but I still contact them if I know there will be an unusual sale or group of sales in my offline business.

A PayPal invoice might be an option as well. Just keep in mind they will take a percentage.

One other option to look into is PayPal Credit. You may be able to offer it as a payment option and let PayPal handle collecting the money over time while you get paid upfront.

I’ve only received small payments through Stripe and have had no issue with them.

I had a merchant service account for years but when I changed to a seasonal schedule (offline) I did not want to pay all year for the service when there were other comparable options that are basically on demand.

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