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Sean Mize

I think some do.
Some don’t.

Some don’t mean it.

I agree with Julia . . I think most genuinely want to help, but what you need and what they teach are often different.

one thing I hear a lot is folks buy a course, get stuck, can’t get in touch with the guru, then write him or her off.

But a book is a book, a 1-1 consulting project for 6 months is another.

I also hear of folks buying coaching then the guru disappears.

That’s not a guru.

That’s a person who writes good copy, someone bought and the non-guru disappeared!

I think that it’s important not to focus on finding the liars . .

but instead dig deep and figure out what YOU need and want . . .and find someone to teach THAT to you . . .

Instead of having to depend on some “guru” to tell you what to think 🙂

Of course, you may need direction in your thinking.

But process what someone says, ask several people the same question, then make your own opinion – don’t just blindly rely on someone else’s opinion!


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