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Late to the party, but here I am…

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Late to the party, but here I am…

Hi all,
I’m Jen, I’ve had it on my to-do list to join the membership and finally made it happen!
I have a way of making a long story even longer, but will try to keep it semi-brief…

Experience as a writer, and overcame insomnia after a 5-year battle with it.

I put a product about self-publishing on Clickbank (under a pen name), it was a total flop. Determined to learn from it instead of letting it get to me…

I’ve been listening to Sean’s trainings for some time now (although it may not seem like it, Sean! LOL – I really do pay attention). It’s really helped me get focus and clarity. It’s funny because someone in these groups (can’t remember the exact person or wording) basically said, “Why I pay for Sean’s trainings even though I have a hard-drive full of them”…That’s basically me. He has given away so much for no/low cost already. Training that, in my opinion, is second to none! So I am not afraid to pay for it when he has a product I find useful.

What’s funny is, for years I was so anxious to “get that link out” to people..of whatever I was hawking at the time…my own product, or anyone else’s!

Now I’m busy doing what he’s taught.
Making YouTube vids.
Creating my products.
Trying to put together email lists.

I don’t even want to put my link to the site I’m building (about how to overcome chronic insomnia) out there yet, because it’s close, but not like I’d like it to be just yet.

What can I help others with here?

Actually, I think I’d make a great COACH myself. I can tell anyone what to do, just really struggle to focus enough to do it myself!
So feel free to let me know if I can assist in:

– Writing emails (freelance writer, published books/magazines…although I will admit I am learning the persuasive writing needed for IM)

– Building a website: Can show you how I did it. I basically studied 6 years to figure out the easiest way to do that!! LOL

– Easy/cheap ways to make products: ebooks, screencasts/videos, etc.

I don’t know what else…but if you think I may be able to help, just ask!

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