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No one delivers as much value as Sean! And that's why Sean's my coach

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No one delivers as much value as Sean! And that's why Sean's my coach

Bruce, I think it’s very important to make PreneurPal a place for everyone, no matter what their level of expertise. I know a few of you experts have gotten quite clicky lately, but to exclude newbies from whatever masterminds you would form here should not be the spirit of this forum.

Clearly, you have firmly established your expertise here at PreneurPal and if anyone one of us newbies (or experts) ever need a ghostwriter, we know you’re the guy to contact.

I, myself, am still trying to establish a mere schedule for myself so that I can begin to build my online business from scratch. It’s a very scary thing for me and so many others unlike yourself, Bruce, so we’d really appreciate having access to as much information and trainings as possible. Sean’s trainings have inspired me to take more action than I have ever taken in modern times, so I really wish he would put back more of what he initially posted. And, Bruce, I really hope it wasn’t you or any of our other resident experts who convinced him to take so much of it down! However, I do agree that the new format is so much easier to read.

As for forum threads, it would be rather helpful to be notified when someone responds to our comments and questions. I rarely ever see anyone’s response to what I write unless I look for it. I will try to look into the “favorite” feature that you point out, Bruce.

When PreneurPal first launched, I, a non-expert, was so active here because I needed to win the $100 – money I really could have used. If only I had understood that I was just 2 questions behind Scott, I could have easily won that $100, too, since Scott was not online at the end of the contest. Unlike Scott, I don’t yet have any online income.

When I finally get my schedule together, I will definitely make it a point of writing in here everyday. It is my intention to be as active as possible at PreneurPal and I’m sure that is also the intention of most others here.

♥ Coach Claire

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