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Out-Google, Google…


Roger Rakestraw

Out-Google, Google…

I too believe that building your own platform is so very, very important, especially in this age of the internet.

As far as trying to “out google, google” I’m not ever going to say it’s impossible, because google “out-yahooed, yahoo” to put themselves in the position they’re in.

It will take a tremendous amount of work, foresight, vision & energy to do it.

And to build that place, one doesn’t necessarily need to start out with that objective as the end goal.

Just be extraordinarily good at one thing that will cause others to evangelise for you, and you’re on your way.

The one place I see that google consistently fails at customer service. That just might be the opening.

That’s the one thing Zappo’s used to put themselves head & shoulders above the other shoe sites.

That’s really what Amazon has used to put themselves in the position they’re in.

Customer Service.

And they had to “out-WalMart, WalMart” to get to where they are.

At the time, that seemed like an impossible dream to most.

Anything and everything is possible with the right combination of factors.

Most things are improbable for a variety of reasons, but everything is possible.

I’m hoping we all figure out that “one thing” (most of the time it’s several things wrapped up in the guise of One Thing) in our fields and exploit it to as best as we possibly can to create that platform which will allow us to live the life we choose!

A HUGE Thank You to Sean for creating this fantastic place for us to get together and here’s to each and every one of us to accomplish all we want/need to!

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