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Part 1 Audio


Kristin VanTilburg

Part 1 Audio

Hi Scott:

I really enjoyed your audio part 1. I already admire you so much! Anyone who can sell peanuts the way you did was bound to be a success sooner or later!

As a customer with a money problem I would be unhappy to have given you 15 minutes of my time and heard nothing about the 3 steps, only a story about you. And especially when you directed me to a legal disclaimer, that brings up a lot of fear immediately. I would leave and not come back.

I think you need to help me first, let me know you have answers for me, and then I might feel justified in spending time being entertained by your story. When the bills are due the last thing I have time for is a story that has nothing to do with me.

That is my 2 cents. Take the best and leave the rest.


Kristin van Tilburg
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