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Step by Step First Steps - Foundation Steps

Candid admission . . . this is going to feel very simple, perhaps remedial, like you don't want to do it. But I want to carefully say this: if you don't have a solid squeeze page, with a solid giveaway that makes folks DESIRE to work with you more, and DESIRE to read your emails, and DESIRE to consider buying from you, then your foundation is not right.

And if your foundation is not right, if folks don't want to learn MORE from you after reading your giveaway and getting your first few emails, then they are going to slowly fade away and not buy and not read and not engage.

But if, instead, you have a solid foundation, with an attractive and compelling squeeze page that then yields to an amazing giveaway that leads folks to WANT to work closely with you . . . then you are building a business that can grow.

And once you have that foundation in place, you can begin to build products and offer your coaching, consulting, memberships, etc.

So if you don't have a stellar, compelling squeeze page with an amazing giveaway, please don't skip this first steps section . . take the time to listen to each training and fully follow the directions for each step!


Step by Step Foundation Lessons:

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