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$10 Million Business Model

Congratulations for Choosing to Come to My Live Training Call Where I’ll share my own $10 Million Blueprint with exact numbers and sources!

The live call has been held, to listen to the recording (listen as though you are there): Recording of $10 Million Training Call

There are also 3 unadvertised bonuses, these are prior trainings that will give you background to fully grasp everything I share Tuesday, start by listening to this:

10k Business Model Training

These are also critical to “getting” the business model . . .

please study these before Tuesday:

  1. Listen to this training:

==>Create Products With Teleseminars

2. Listen to this training:

==>Create Recorded Products Fast

Listen to both trainings (about 1 hour all together), take notes, then:

3. Create a 10 x 10 matrix using this guide: 10 x 10 matrix

4. Read this guide: Using your 10 x 10 matrix

There are 3 primary components to being able to scale ridiculously:

  1. You MUST have something to teach that changes lives
  2. You MUST be able to create fresh (new) content fast to be able to sell new each week to current subscribers
  3. You MUST be able to outsource the implementation of the content . . . .for example, you record for an hour and your team turns that into 100 articles and videos, a chapter in a book, a udemy and much more

I will teach you how to do that on Tuesday’s call.

Your next step will be to implement!

And the FIRST thing that has to happen is that you MUST embrace the concept of recording for 1-2 hours per week, and then turning those recordings over to your team.

Now, I don’t know how much time you have.

But if you truly grasp the power of how easy product creation is using those 4 tools . . . you will nearly immediately be able to grasp how you can create and run a full time business in 4 days of 4 hours each (per week)

On Tuesday I will reveal the rest of the secrets, and how they call come together (including the big missing piece: traffic)

Here are some additional notes:

Create your first product this week!

Note: the real power to this is just making a commitment to doing a one hour teleseminar every week, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO LISTENERS.

Hire your family and friends to show up if you don’t have anyone on your list. If you have a list, invite them. Just do a weekly training. Record it every week.

Don’t know what to teach? Use your 10 x 10 Matrix or ask your listeners what they want to learn.

In one year, you will have 50 hours of training.

Then when you need to create a new training, you go in and pick the relevant trainings for the topic of your product.

You could create a 10 hour home study course, a 4 hour training, and 12 week coaching program and STILL have 24 hours left for standalone products!

This is how I create most of my products – I record training on my weekly teleseminar. In the last 2 years I have recorded about 100 hours – and only have used about 30 of them as products. So right now I can go pick from 70 hours to create my next 10 hour program.

It makes it super easy.

Start today, this week.

You have nothing to lose and in a few weeks, you’ll be collecting your training you can put into products.

Just do it.

See you on Tuesday!

Sean Mize

P.S. I would LOVE to hear you created your first product BEFORE the live call on Tuesday!

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