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Create Your Domain Name

This is a critical but often left until too late step. No, the punctuation isn’t correct above. But this step needs to happen before the first class, because when the first class hits I want you to be able to immediately begin building your site, for which you need a domain name. Keys to your…

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Big Business Class Mockup

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a mockup of your front page on your BIG BUSINESS website, what will it look like? What color will it be? Who will it help? What will be it’s #1 feature? #2 feature? #3 feature? Let’s get to work building you an industry-dominating website!   Sean

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6 Week Big Business Class

Welcome to the 6 Week Big Business Training Class! There are several immediate steps to take, and there will be a few more over the coming days:   Be sure and listen to this training, if you haven’t completely listened yet: Intro Training Call (Niche Consolidation Call) Fill out this: Blueprint Outline Question Guide Take…

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Big Business Niche Consolidation Training

Congratulations for Choosing to Come to My Live Training Call Where I’ll share my insights into building a BIG BUSINESS in your niche, from scratch, and fast! Here is the recording of the powerful live training that was held on Tuesday, February 9, at 2 PM ET: Recording of Big Business Consolidation Training And here…

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$10 Million Business Model

Congratulations for Choosing to Come to My Live Training Call Where I’ll share my own $10 Million Blueprint with exact numbers and sources! The live call has been held, to listen to the recording (listen as though you are there): Recording of $10 Million Training Call There are also 3 unadvertised bonuses, these are prior…

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Intro and Examples: Find a Million Person Problem

How do you find a million-person problem? Maybe this number is too big or too small. Forget about the money for the time being. Focus on finding the problem. Find a small problem that a lot of people have. Uber is an example. Maybe $1 per call, but lots of people need a taxi. WalMart…

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