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Big Business 3rd Week Intro to Viral Content

Here is the recording of the 3rd Big Business training class:

Recording of 3rd Big Business Training Class

Also, I’ve finally uploaded the videos showing me creating a web page using the page builders;

Note: I didn’t show an example of Make Plus because it takes too many extra steps to create the pages so don’t want to recommend it.

Themify: Themify Page Builder Example

To get Themify: Themify

Note: I like and use themify on one of my sites, but for a big site with big traffic, I really like Beaver Builder better because you can re-use page templates:

Beaver Builder: Beaver Builder Example

To get Beaver Builder: Beaver Builder


Note: if you want to see how WP Views works, that’s the plugin I use on the Beaver Builder sample page to create the lists, take a look at it here: for advanced search on your site and views-type presentation on your site: wp-types

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Big Business 2nd Training and Plugins
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