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Work With Me 12 Weeks Intro Questions

Welcome! Over the course of the next 12 weeks we are going to work closely together to help you achieve a BIG GOAL. First, we’ll define that goal. Second, we’ll get on the phone and create a game plan for achieving that goal. Third, we’ll meet once a week in a small group and I…

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Membership Sales Letter Template

Ok, finally I’ve got this written! Sometimes creativity can’t be forced! Ok, here is the direct link to see what it looks like: membership sales letter and if you want an html version: html version (zip file) Also, if you want to write your own from scratch, you can use my simple sales letter template:…

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Big Business 4th Week Traffic – Deep

Here is the recording of the Big Business 4th Week Class: Big Business Traffic Methods – Unorthodox, Deep, Conceptual To your success Sean P.S. There were some GREAT questions in the q and a – I highly recommend listening to this ENTIRE training and all tracks . . .

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various recommended themes

With thousands of themes out there, and I’ve personally used maybe 30 of them, it’s hard when someone asks, ok, out of those 1000s of themes, which one’s best for me? You see, some themes are easier to use, some are harder to use. And some are more stable. And some are not. But I…

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Big Business 3rd Week Intro to Viral Content

Here is the recording of the 3rd Big Business training class: Recording of 3rd Big Business Training Class Also, I’ve finally uploaded the videos showing me creating a web page using the page builders; Note: I didn’t show an example of Make Plus because it takes too many extra steps to create the pages so…

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Big Business 2nd Training and Plugins

Here is the recording of the Big Business class 2nd training: Recording of the 2nd Big Business Class (themes and content) Here are links to some of the plugins I mentioned: for forums: BBPress for communities: Buddy Press for q and a: CM Answers Pro for advanced search on your site and views-type presentation on…

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The Web Host I Recommend For Your Big Business Site

One of the most important things about building your site out is that it MUST be secure and it MUST be on a webserver that can handle your traffic, especially if it spikes and as it grows. And most ordinary web hosts can’t do both. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, where your site crashed…

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Theme to Use for Big Business Site

You need a theme that will allow you to create any layout you want and to be able to change that layout anytime you want. On YOUR own, not paying a web guy $1000 to make a change. And yes, in theory, you can just start with one theme and then switch to another. And…

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Examples of Big Business Layouts

I had a request for some examples of big businesses, and thought, this could really help folks visualize that they want THEIR site to look like . . . so here’s a list. But before you go through these, there are 1000s online! I just picked a few that came to the front of my…

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