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various recommended themes

With thousands of themes out there, and I’ve personally used maybe 30 of them, it’s hard when someone asks, ok, out of those 1000s of themes, which one’s best for me?

You see, some themes are easier to use, some are harder to use.

And some are more stable.

And some are not.

But I want to say this: I don’t believe there is any one RIGHT theme across the board.

And you’ll have to do your own research.

But this is a short list of themes I personally like:

Themify themes (I’ve used this on one of my sites for a long time, and been very happy, the only drawback is that the page builder is per page, you can’t save page configurations and re-use them. But if you don’t need to do that . . . this is a VERY CLEAN theme!

My favorite theme and page builder – really allows you to create ANY front page (or any page) configuration you want – so instead of finding one theme that looks like you want it to and then in 2 years when you change your mind, you have to find another – this one has unlimited configurations

The Make Theme – this basic theme is free, the upgrade has a price – this is a great, totally configurable theme, but not as easy to work with as Beaver Builder (the one above)

Now, you may wonder why I haven’t included a list of a bunch of different themes that you can sort through 100 themes . . .because if that’s what you are looking for you’ve probably already gone to themeforest and searched . . .

Be sure that you buy a theme from a reputable dealer, because if a bug happens, you want them to help you. That’s the danger with 100% free themes – they sound good, but if no one gets paid, no one wants to help you when you get stuck!



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