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Theme to Use for Big Business Site

You need a theme that will allow you to create any layout you want and to be able to change that layout anytime you want.

On YOUR own, not paying a web guy $1000 to make a change.

And yes, in theory, you can just start with one theme and then switch to another.

And that works for tiny little sites like most people build.

But you are building a BIG SITE.

And when you have 1000 pages and lots of things configured a certain way, it is an absolute nightmare to switch things like themes.

So I like to use a theme that will give me total flexibility to use –

And I’ve used many of them: themify (that’s what I run on infobusinessuniversity) and I’ve tried Make Plus (which is actually really easy to use, but it has an extra step when creating a layout – you have to create the widgets THEN put them on each screen.

However, the theme and page builder I’m using for MY new Big Business website – and the one I recommend to you – makes it very easy to put just about any content you want in any box you want – and to create unlimited layouts –

I highly recommend you check it out: Beaver Builder

By the way, yes, there is a learning curve – but it’s really easy – again, it’s what I’m personally using for designing my own flagship Big Business website (and keep in mind, as I am teaching you in the next 6 weeks, this is totally fresh on my mind because I’m doing it all over again in my own business – not just relying on past experience!)

So . . try out Beaver Builder, you’ll see how easy it is, and I’ll make a video soon showing how easy it is-


The Web Host I Recommend For Your Big Business Site
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