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Background Training to Building Your Blueprint

Before we get started on YOUR Blueprint, I believe you should listen to a key training I created.

Here’s the background:

Over the years I have spent countless hours boiling the essential message of the $5k Blueprint (note: the sample Blueprint may contain some numbers . . .but just consider them generic placeholders . . .you can make your own goals based on income, number of people you  help, number of clients you consult, etc, not the numbers I use for the examples) down to something that easy to grasp in one sitting, and recently I recorded a powerful training – perhaps my most impactful training of all time.

Now, perhaps you’ve listened to it before.

And it’s been said that sometimes hearing information for a second time can more deeply imprint it on our mind, on the actionable part of our psyche that leads to us taking action.

I had a client tell me that he was a serial learner and a non-doer and wanted me to help him become a “doer”

When you listen to this message – again – and take careful notes PLUS write a list of your own personal 3 main takeaways – you will be growing your conceptual “doer” and you will become prepared for the next lesson . . .

Now, the way these lessons are designed is you are on your honor to finish one before the next, but I personally promise you that I have designed these such that they are concise and exactly what you need, in the order that you need it.

So I can only recommend – strongly recommend – that you don’t skip ahead, listen to this training, take notes, and write out your list of 3 main personal takeaways:

==>The “Meat and Potatoes of the $5k Business Model”

When you finish studying that training, you have a bachelor’s degree in Information Marketing – and you can throw out 90% of everything you know about this industry and start focusing on the 10% that makes you money and changes lives!

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