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Evaluate Your Answers and Identify Weaknesses

My guess is that as you answered the questions in the last lesson, you got an amazing amount of insight into your business just by reading them and answering them!

As you study the lessons sequentially, you will learn and implement:

Your Blueprint for your business
–> Products to Sell
–> Ideal Traffic Sources for You
–> Your Daily Schedule to Get it All Done

Here’s the thing, now that you’ve answered the loooong set of questions, it’s likely that you have well-thought out what you want your DREAM BUSINESS to look like, and how you are going to help others, but you are running up against some of the same pitfalls others do.

To make this personal, write down your answer to question 10) What do you see as your 3 biggest weaknesses?

Your answers are probably much like others’ who have worked with me in the past:

–>A lack of an ordered step by step plan to achieve stuff, that’s why I’m here now.

–> Lack of targeted focus

–> Constantly getting distracted by non-essential things

–>Lack of resources to handle work load.

–>Lack of technical support too I guess, maybe organizing times better

–> Here’s a big one: fear of failure

The thing is, you likely know what to do – but with 1000 things pulling at you in every direction, when you don’t have a solid Blueprint to follow to get there, then it’s easy to get lost, get pulled astray, and then you don’t do what you purpose to do.

Once we get done with what we are doing here, you will have an ordered step by step plan to achieve your dreams in the business (and be able to far exceed $100k, but like you said, we have to start somewhere!)

Achieving your BIG DREAM is a lot like mastering anything else – you have to singlemindedly focus on it, to the exclusion of everything else, during the time set aside for that thing.

And that’s not easy to do when you don’t have a clear plan.

So . . . the next few steps are going to reveal the plan.

You’ll do some study, you’ll answer some questions . . . and when you are done, you’ll know what to do.


But before we do that, let’s dig into your weaknesses a bit:

If you have fear of failure, think about this: what’s the WORST thing that can happen if you work really hard for a year on your business and you fail?

Seriously, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

You fail?

You don’t make any money.

Your family laughs at you.

Your friends laugh at you.

You fail.

You start over.

You start over.


Think about it . . . that’s not any worse than things are right now, is it?

That’s not any worse than it’s been for the last 3 years as you’ve been holding back from doing the big things because you might fail?

In fact, I submit, if you are being held back by fear of failure . . . you are already failing by not starting!

You are guaranteeing yourself failure right now today by not starting!

And that failure is far worse than the failure associated with trying and then failing.

Because when you try and then fail, you learn.


You see, I submit to you that even if you work hard for a year and fail completely. . . you are still ahead, because you have experience!

You can try again and do things better, faster, and have less of a risk of failing!

I’ve heard once or many times that the average entrepreneur fails 7 times before succeeding!

So if you haven’t failed, you are 7 failures away from success!

In fact, I failed perhaps 40 times before I hit my first big success!

40 times!

Now, there were a few partial successes in there to push me along, but 40 failures (maybe even more, I can’t count them!)


Now, some of the other things that might be holding you back, that are your weaknesses, are in the area of not knowing what to do.

Of course, that’s why you are here, to learn what to do.

And with the support forums and people helping you, ANYTHING you don’t know the answer to something – ask it. You have no excuse now for not knowing how to do something you need to do!

Now, having said that, some things you don’t need to do . . . and I’ll be teaching you what to do.

But if you are trying to add in something to your business that I’m not teaching here, there’s a good chance you just don’t need it. You might, so ask if you want. But be careful you aren’t constantly chasing flaming arrows and empty clouds while skipping the important things – the things I’m teaching you here!


Your struggle might be money . . . may I assure you, you can start from basically scratch. I did. You can start with $100 or $200 bucks. And although I’m not a big fan of borrowing money, if you are so hard on your luck that you don’t have it, find someone who believes in you to  loan you the money. Just be sure you don’t squander it searching for the end of rainbow. Instead, focus on what I teach here and build a real business and repay the money.

or get a side job to earn $100 to get started. . . mow a few lawns, help a few kids with homework, whatever you are skilled at, do it and put the money towards your business.


And finally, the big one: distractions!!!

Distractions are huge, and they will keep you from building your business.

Here’s how to handle distractions:

Ask yourself, is it worth allowing these distractions to hold you back from the business of your dreams?

If so, keep being distracted.

But if not, if they aren’t worth it, concentrate on building your business so strongly that you aren’t willing to stop for distractions.

You aren’t willing to read email during work hours.

You aren’t willing to use facebook during work hours.

You aren’t willing to text or email or talk on the phone during work hours.

ONLY work on what’s important – and the distractions will fade away!!!

I know this sounds trite – but try it – focus on what you are building so strongly that even the desire to be distracted goes away. And if you don’t have the self control, ask someone else to hold your cellphone while you are working, and use a tool like rescuetime to block distracting websites like facebook when you are working.

Find a way!


Background Training to Building Your Blueprint
Questions to Help You Dig Deep to Develop Your Blueprint
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