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Introduction to Creating a Blueprint For Your Business

Welcome to the Blueprint Training Series!

This training series is designed to show you a simple path to a infobusiness income online, teaching others in your niche, changing lives and getting paid for it!

In fact, that is one of the real keys to this model, and that is that instead of focusing on sales first, we focus on changing lives first, and getting paid for it second.

The next key is that there is a very specific model for creating the foundation of your Infobusiness¬† Entrepreneurship and I’ll share that with you in a holographic fashion over the next few lessons.

Then you’ll discover the Formula itself – the components that make it all possible, the components which, when they are all in place in conjunction with your focus on changing lives first and getting paid second, and finally combined with YOU teaching your prospects new material each week and charging for a percentage of it – leads to a simple foundation for your Info Business.

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