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Your Monetary Blueprint

Now that you’ve created the outline to your blueprint, answer these questions to set the monetary aspect of your Blueprint:

what do YOU see as the way to get to about $8k a month ($100k a year)
for example, would you have 100 clients at $83 a month
or 200 clients at $42 a month?
or 400 buyers at $21 each?
or some combination of that?

Would you have single trainings (maybe $20 each)?
a membership at $30 or $40 a month?
coaching at $97 a month?
and multiple-track products at $100 – $1000 each
or a combination of all?

what has to happen for that to happen?
what are the 3 biggest things that answering the earlier questions and my feedback have done for you, or helped you realize?

Bringing the Work Outline and The Monetary Outline Together to Create Your Final Blueprint
The Outline of Your Own Blueprint
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