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Are you missing anything in your infobusiness that is causing you to lose out on $5k to $30k month after month?

I’ve been talking with a number of clients lately who are in the $5k a month to $30k a month revenue level and in many cases we are finding that they are generating most of their revenue at 1 or 2 points in their sales funnel, but several others areas are seriously left behind.

Here are some sample situations:

Client generating $10k a month primarily from $100 a month membership –

That’s 100 clients paying $100 a month. But my experience says that if you have 100 clients paying $100 a month, 10 of those clients would pay you $1000 a month to take them to a higher level than the other $100 clients . . . and that would double your income almost immediately if you were to begin to add those higher level clients – to $20k instead of $10k – but with the SAME amount of clients and prospects.

Or the client who is selling a $500 package but not offering individual consulting at $500 an hour –

In many markets, $300 – $800 an hour is easily achievable for packages of coaching – meaning a 10 hour coaching package for $3000 – $8000 –

The question is: are YOU leaving these kinds of clients on the table?

If you are selling $5000 or more per month, you could probably easily add $5k – $10k in coaching or consulting revenue very quickly, simply be targeting the right clients with the right consulting offer.

Shoot me an email if you are generating more than $5k a month and are leaving money on the table by not offering higher-priced coaching or consulting, and would like to get clients making $3000 – $8000 payments to you for packages of consulting, or $2000 or more for entrance into group programs (imagine enrolling 10 clients in a $2000 program, that’s $20k to you, would it be worth $20,000 to you to coach 10 clients in a power-small-group for 6-12 weeks?)

Here’s the thing, I’ve coached many clients to sell at $3000 – $8000 or more, and I’ve sold at those levels professionally for years – and if you are currently generating at least $5k a month in infoproduct sales, you can probably be taking in an EXTRA $5k – $10k per month in just a couple of months.

What kind of difference would an extra $5k – $10k make to you each month?

Anyhow, shoot me an email if you think I can help you, or if you want to see if I think I can help you.

I’ll tell you if I can’t, and I just might make a suggestion for your business that could add a few grand a month to it –

Sean Mize

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