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Sample of a Blueprint for Going From $5k/$10k to $20k or more

Note: the calls reference programs/calls/coaching I no longer do. Just listen to these 2 calls to see how YOU can create a blueprint that will double YOUR revenue – Listen to this FIRST ==> Results of working with me Listen to this SECOND ==> What I Told him to set him in action Next step:…

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Champion-Presence Based Marketing

Champion-Presence Based Marketing is a holistic way of creating a web presence in such a way that you create a web presence based on a perspective of being a champion of your cause, as opposed to a presence based on “marketing”. Your web presence should naturally draw prospects to learn from and follow you, and…

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Maven Influencer Blueprint – Youtube Focus

Clients, subscribers, and others have asked me for a “Blueprint” to running a Maven Influencer Business like I run, and I’ve always found it difficult to try to boil down a full time business model into a “Blueprint,” especially something that would have relevance to every person trying to build that kind of business. That…

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