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Maven Influencer Blueprint – Youtube Focus

Clients, subscribers, and others have asked me for a “Blueprint” to running a Maven Influencer Business like I run, and I’ve always found it difficult to try to boil down a full time business model into a “Blueprint,” especially something that would have relevance to every person trying to build that kind of business.

That might seem silly, as there are many, many ‘blueprints’ online for how to run an infobusiness, so it might seem that it should be easy to “just write one” teaching folks how I do it.

But the truth of the matter is this: if those simple blueprints were so effective, then there wouldn’t be any need for yet another blueprint.

The problem is, in my opinion, that each real info business, a real business that will support a full – time income, is unique and operates at a deeper level than “choose a niche,” “build a list,” and “create products and coaching and sell them.” Getting targeted prospects to YOUR website is harder than just “buy some traffic on google or facebook” or “write a bunch of articles and the traffic will just come.”

And no matter how many folks share their own individual success story, telling you EXACTLY how they did it, YOU aren’t going to be able to exactly duplicate exactly what they did – and if you spend your time trying, without modifying for your own market, you will likely fail – even though you do everything just like your mentor did it.

So for all of these reasons, I’ve hesitated to draw up a simple “blueprint,” something everyone could consistently use and get consistent results.

And if it weren’t for popular demand, I probably still wouldn’t be!

[ header = One Thing Has Changed ]

But one thing has changed in the last 6-12 months in my own business, and in my own understanding of “why” certain infobusinesses are successful. It’s not because of some precise set of steps each person did, and some unique special order in which they did them. Instead, there is a broad set of principles that I find to be common across the board with most successful maven/influencer style infobusinesses, which when followed, and combined with becoming personally skilled in the techniques necessary to communicate with prospects, find what they need, communicate with them in a way that builds trust and rapport and relationship, then create and sell training, products, coaching, or consulting that meets their needs, tends to create the highest levels of success.

And even as I write that, you get a sense of the complexity of building a truly profitable infobusiness.
You see, I think one thing that folks don’t always recognize is that although you may learn all the tactical steps – like creating products, creating a coaching program, writing articles or recording videos, creating a free giveaway, creating a blog and/or a website, writing an email campaign, and creating content for their site (which probably sounds like a lot of steps anyhow) – not only do you have to learn all of those steps, you also have to be good at them. You have to be able to communicate with the human behind the email address, when you write a sales letter it has to meet someone at their point of need, convince them that your offering is the right one for them, be priced right, and get them to open their wallet and make a purchase. You have to be able to write emails in such a way that people want to read them and want to take action on those emails. Even deeper than that, you have to learn how to write emails that build relationship and trust.

[ header = Takes Time and Skill and . . . ]

And those things take time and skill and study and the right instruction.

And none of those skills are just going to come “overnight.” There is no simple email writing formula that works all day long every day all the time. You can learn to write 10 different email styles, but if you sit down to write an email and don’t know which style to use to get your point across today in a way that makes someone want to read your email and take action, no formula is going to solve that problem. Sure, we can learn 100 email styles so that almost all email styles are covered – but then each time when you sit down to write an email, you have to choose the right one. And you have to then decide on the exact words to write that get the exact response you want from the reader.

I could go on and on, and that’s just one small skill. But it has to be learned. Along with writing sales copy, writing articles, creating products, and so on.

And all the blueprints in the world – no matter how complete – won’t make up for not learning the details. And not doing the steps even when you are just learning will lead to not having results.

So having said all of that, and really trying to re-affirm the concept that if you want to build a full-time information business, you aren’t going to get everything you need in one document or one training. I’ve personally recorded an estimated 500+ hours of training, and still could sit down today and record 10 more hours of non-taught material. And probably once that was done, I would have another 10 hours worth of un-taught training. Because most days, not only do I learn something new from someone else, I also learn something about the business from something I’ve done that day.

[ header = This is Just an Overview ]

So to teach “everything I know” would take hundreds of hours – and by the time you finished, you would have so many details you wouldn’t be able to take action on the big things. And of course if in the next 10 pages I boil the entire business down to . . . . 10 pages, it’s just an overview. I’m going to do my very best at making it simple enough to get it into 10 pages or so while leaving in as much actionable depth as possible . . . but just know that when you go to build your own business – or grow your existing business, you’ll have to learn lots of details along the way.

And you’ll have to learn more than just the “steps,” you’ll need to learn about things like communicating at a personal level, even when hitting “send” on an email that goes to 10,000 people, or recording a youtube that might be viewed by 10,000 people, or making a facebook post that might be read by 10,000 people.

And then every step someone takes from the time they hear about you, to the time they come to your site, to the time they download your free giveaway that may or may not be exactly what they need right now, to reading your first 21 emails in your 21 day email campaign, to being exposed to just the right offer for their needs on the exact day when they need it the most, to the product delivering what they need, to your coaching delivering what they need . . . you will need to learn what to do every step of the way.

[ header = 2 Primary Ways to Learn ]

And there are 2 primary ways to learn it, preferably both ways happening simultaneously:

Having top-notch instruction from someone who knows how to do it inside and out and can effectively teach you what to do and how to do it

By doing it. By implementing each thing that you learn, evaluating the results, how did it work, how could it have been done differently, until you get each step in the process right for you and your business.

Now that I have all the disclaimers out of the way, let’s dig into the “Blueprint,” shall we?

[ header = Definition of Maven/Influencer Business ]

First, I’d like to define what I mean by a maven/influencer business as a sub-category of an “information business.”

And of course an information business is a sub-category of an “online business.”

By the way, I think that’s one thing that trips folks up online. I can’t count how many folks have come to me asking me to teach them how to build a full time internet business, and I ask them what kind of business they want to build, and they tell me, “just something that will make me money.” So I ask, well, what kind of business structure do you want, what do you want to sell?”

And their response is something like, I don’t know, whatever people will buy.

Me: Ok, well are you an expert at anything?

Them: No.

Me: what interests you?

Them: I don’t know.

Me: what kind of businesses have you thought about or studied about?

Them: I bought 3 different systems that promised I could just set and forget them, and none of them worked. I tried affiliate marketing, but I couldn’t get any traffic to the products. I tried ebay but ran out of things to sell. I tried buying some plr but found I didn’t know how to repurpose it, or I found that most of the plr I found was no good.

Or they tell me they just want to sell training like I do.

(The thing is, selling training is like 5% of my business. I’m really in the business of teaching folks. The problem is that in order to teach something, you have to know something.)

Do you see where this is going?

[ header = What do people really think is an online business? ]

Folks have a really broad picture of what an online business could be.

So then maybe we finally get to the place of building an information business – which in it’s strictest definition could be selling information. But the problem is that if all you do is resell information itself – well there are probably many other people selling the same information you want to sell.

So you really have to position yourself as teaching information, not selling information. And of course this is where things get really sticky for most people. Because in order to teach, you have to know your topic.

And folks so often want to make money selling information before they learn the information. And that’s just really not possible.

You have to know it to teach it.

[ header = First Step ]

So the very first step in the “blueprint” is to become an expert so you can teach the information.

Now, I probably just lost a lot of folks right there. Because I’ve heard all the excuses, I’ve heard folks say, well I’ve been trying to build this online business for 4 years, and I’ve invested $20,000 with various coaches on how to build the business, and none of them were successful with me, and it’s really important to me that I get this business up and running in the next 90 days.

But if that person doesn’t know the information in his niche so he can teach it, it isn’t going to happen in 90 days. And when I say that, they might go looking for another coach that is willing to tell them that if they just follow their formula for 90 days, they will finally be successful.

But you guessed it, in 90 days, they will STILL not be an expert, they might have a system they set up with traffic, subscribers, and products – but if they aren’t really an expert, the people in their niche will see right through them and no one will buy.

So even though the coach taught them a “system,” and even if they set up the “system,” if they don’t have true expertise to back it up, no one will buy from them. So what good is the “system” if no one is going to buy just because you hang up a shingle?

[ header = Become an Expert ]

So before I give you my “blueprint,” let me please say this: if you don’t become an expert, my system won’t work any better for you than anyone else’s has for you.

You have to know your stuff. And there is no shortcut. Sure, you can start writing articles while you are learning, writing articles as you are learning, but until you actually know the content cold, no one is going to buy from you.

And it’s just so sad to me when people turn away right here and say, but I just want to have an information business like so – and – so.

But they don’t stop and think that so – and – so is an expert.

So when you layer “being an expert” to the nearly-fictional terminology “information business” and then add in positioning yourself as the expert you are, you then get a “maven/influencer business.”

[ header = A Maven-Influencer Business]

A maven/influencer business is one in which you are positioned as an expert in your marketplace and people are buying/paying for your expertise, not your products. Now, sure they might buy your “product” but they aren’t buying it so that it will fill up their harddrive as a “product,” they are buying it because they want the expertise taught on it. They aren’t joining your coaching program because they have some inborn psychological “need” to join a coaching program, but instead for YOUR expertise and the results they can gain when they tap into that expertise.

And my personal belief is that the age of an “easy information business” has come and gone online. Just like the age of making horse-drawn carriages is pretty much extinct.

If you want to make a full time living in “information marketing” you have to become an expert.

I’d like to share one more example, then I’ll give you the blueprint (I promise). And please understand I’m really digging into this topic because I think that my blueprint, just like anyone else’s, if it doesn’t predicate itself on real knowledge, real expertise, a real ability to communicate person to person, basically a real skill level, is just a hollow blueprint.

Perhaps you have some folks in mind, and you are thinking you want a business like theirs.

Maybe you have Dan Kennedy in mind, or Tellman Knudsen, or Christian Mickelsen, or Eben Pagan, or Glenn Dietzel, or someone else __________ (the person you want to emulate).

You want a business like theirs. But you can’t really have a business like theirs’ if you aren’t an expert, can you?

[ header = Examples of Experts ]

Because every one of them is an expert.

You want to have a fitness business like Jillian Michaels, or a psychology business like Dr. Phil.

They are all experts.

Without their expertise, they have no business.

It could even be argued that their single biggest asset is their . . . expertise.

You are no different.

Ok, enough of that.

Hopefully you believe it now.

If not, my blueprint won’t work any better than anyone else’s.

[ header = Let’s dig into my blueprint! ]

Let’s dig into my blueprint!

Blueprint for a Successful Info Business (A Maven/ Influencer Business)

It goes without saying, that one pillar of the successful infobusiness is expertise. The other composite parts are: training (products) to sell, a coaching program, prospects who need what you have (sometimes commonly called “traffic,” although that’s a bit of a misnomer, as you’ll see soon), a way to communicate with those prospects (for example, an autoresponder, or facebook communication, etc.), a website or other repository online for your articles, blog posts, downloads, etc., an email campaign, and the ability to communicate to prospects that your training or coaching is the right coaching or training for them (that can be a sales page, a video sales letter, a webinar, teleseminar, a one-on-one phone call, etc.).

[ header = In List Form ]

In list form (in no particular order):

–> Your expertise

–> Training (products) to sell

–> A coaching program

–> Prospects who need what you have (sometimes commonly called “traffic,” although that’s a bit of a misnomer, as you’ll see soon)

–> A way to communicate with those prospects (for example, an autoresponder, or facebook communication, etc.)

–> A website or other repository online for your articles, blog posts, downloads, etc.,

–> An email campaign

–> The ability to communicate to prospects that your training or coaching is the right coaching or training for them (that can be a sales page, a video sales letter, a webinar, teleseminar, a one-on-one phone call, etc.).

That’s like the “ingredients” of your business.

Kind of like if you were baking a cake, and the blueprint were the recipe, then those are the ingredients.

I’ll share in a moment how to mix them all together to produce a business.

[ header = You have to have all the parts ]

But first, I’ll say this, you won’t have a complete business until you have all the parts (with the one occasional exception that you don’t HAVE to have products to sell if you only want to teach via a coaching program, and vice versa, you don’t have to have a coaching program if the only way you want to teach in via recorded products, or live webinars, etc.) However, in reality, many of your clients will want both – and so by having both products and coaching, you’ll make more money, and your clients will be more satisfied.

So for the purpose of this blueprint, I’m going to assume you will need both products and coaching, but understand this is the one thing you can choose one or the other.

You can’t have an information business if you don’t know the information (the expertise)

You can’t have an information business if you don’t have prospects “commonly called ‘traffic’”

You can’t have an information business if you can’t communicate with your prospects (this is most commonly done via an email list administered by an autoresponder software service of some kind).

You can’t have an information business without being able to communicate with prospects (the traffic) on a regular basis (normally writing the emails in your email campaign, although some have found they can do it directly on facebook or youtube, but that tends to be very rare, and tends to be much harder to control than writing emails).

You can’t have an information business without being able to convince someone to “buy” your products or coaching. This is most commonly done buy writing a sales letter, although some marketers use teleseminars or webinars, or face to face (1-1) selling etc.

[ header = Needed: All the components ]

You have to have ALL the above components to have a successful infobusiness.

And it really doesn’t matter too much what order you put all those things into place, they all have to be there before you make a penny.

Now, I have a preferred order, and most infobusiness coaches do, as well, but that’s just what it is: a preferred order.

I’ll share that order in a moment, but I want to be clear that you don’t HAVE to do things in this order. (Do you see why it is so hard to create a “blueprint” because there is so much flexibility like this?!)

[ header = Preferred Order of Components ]

And not only is there a preferred order (or orders) but some of the components can be done simultaneously and it can be beneficial do to some components together.

But in all cases, when you are doing each of these steps, until you have all the parts in place, none of the parts will work fully or most efficiently.

So when you first get started it can be really frustrating.

Because, for example, if you start by creating products, well, you don’t really know what the market wants unless you have subscribers to tell you.

But if you start by getting subscribers but you have nothing to sell them, it’s frustrating because you are spending time or money to get subscribers who literally cannot buy from you because you have nothing to sell.

You can’t really learn how to write emails until you have real subscribers to send them to to get responses from.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.

But I just want to make it clear that there is no “one right order” and that the order I will share is not perfect – but I like I best. I find that it most closely resembles what I did starting out, and it most closely resembles what I think most other experts have done, to some degree (remember, we all traveled down a different, although similar, path, again, there is no “one size fits all” approach.

[ header = Recommended Order ]

Here’s what I recommend:

Start finding subscribers and learning your topic at the same time.

The process of learning your topic and becoming fluent in talking about it go hand in hand with getting subscribers in a very special way (which of course I’ll describe/explain in a few minutes).

Then once you have subscribers, you can write them a daily email, and while you are doing that, you are learning how to communicate and talk with the humans behind the emails.

Then you find out what those subscribers need and create the products and coaching to meet those needs.

Then you combine the communication skills you’ve been learning by writing emails with words that basically say “you need this to solve your problem, I have created it to solve your problem, here’s the way it works, now pay for it here.” (Think about it: that’s basically what any sales message, whether in print or in person, on a sales letter or on a webinar, says to your prospect, right? The skill there is learning how to say those things in a way that prospects like and will decide to invest with you as a result. And that skill takes time to learn, for most people).

And then somewhere along the way, you build a website or a blog. That can be an iterative process, starting with a blog, adding one article per day, and putting a squeeze page on that website or blog, and adding to your site as needed.

And then there is the issue of an “email campaign,” which is really just an organized collection of individual emails. And as you write the individual emails to send to your subscribers, you can starting putting them into some “order” and that becomes your first email campaign. And over time you can add, subtract, or tweak the emails in your “campaign” such that they get the most results (results measured as building trust, relationship, and rapport; creating engagement and interaction; and ultimately leading to the place where someone invests with you).

[ header = That was the blueprint in a nutshell]

Now, that’s pretty much the maven/influencer business in a nutshell.

That’s the blueprint.

You can change the order of the components around some, but until you have all of them in place, in working order, and you become skillful at each of those components, you will continue to struggle with building your business.

And anyone who tells you that you just need “one thing” to make everything work right, is wrong. You need all the parts I described.

[ header = Review, as a list ]

Here they are again, as a list:

–> Your expertise

–> Training (products) to sell

–> A coaching program

–> Prospects who need what you have (sometimes commonly called “traffic,” although that’s a bit of a misnomer, as you’ll see soon)

–> A way to communicate with those prospects (for example, an autoresponder, or facebook communication, etc.)

–> A website or other repository online for your articles, blog posts, downloads, etc.,

–> An email campaign

–> The ability to communicate to prospects that your training or coaching is the right coaching or training for them (that can be a sales page, a video sales letter, a webinar, teleseminar, a one-on-one phone call, etc.).

[ header = How do I do all this?]

Now, at this point, you may be thinking, well how do I do each of these things?

In the rest of this manual, I am going to give you an outline of how to do each of these components.

But keep in mind, this is an outline. I’ve probably taught for 10-50 hours individually on each of these topics.

If I were to write all the steps out in detail, it might take 1000 pages or more. And then it would be quite complex.

So since this is the “blueprint” then this is in blueprint form . . . outline form. And you will have to learn how to do each of these things.

And my goal in you reading this is that you will have such incredible clarity on these steps, on how easy each one can be, that you will have multiple “aha” moments that give you incredible clarity so you can stop bouncing around from “system” to “system” and instead start working on the components of your own maven/influencer business!

[ header = Let’s get started]

Let’s get started:

Now, like I said, I’ve told you the components. And I’ve told you a bit about how they fit together.

Now I am going to get a little more granular. I am going to describe a complete, integrative process that is going to combine all the steps in this process in an easy-to-implement way that will make incredible sense.

But it will seem like a lot of work.

And it is.

But if you learn to operate in a mindset of total focus online, instead of bouncing around, not knowing what to do, ending up reading emails or watching youtubes for hours because you don’t know what to do, then you can be highly productive.


The thing is, maybe you are spending 4 hours a day online right now.

But if you don’t have a thriving information business to show for your 4 hours online daily, then something is wrong.

What you are doing isn’t working.

So if I were to give you 4 hours of work to do each day, and you were to simply do THIS work instead of whatever you are currently doing in 4 hours a day online, then it really isn’t any harder than sitting down at the computer and reading emails, surfing the web, and watching youtubes, desperate for answers, is it?

I don’t think so.

What I am going to describe below is basically what I do in my business.


Obviously some times the time frames on each item may vary.

For example, today I am writing this manual. I started about 90 minutes ago, and it will probably take me 90 minutes more. So for today, I will have written for about 3 hours. Plus I recorded a training for about 45 minutes. So today is about 3:45 of product creation.

But tomorrow I might only do 2 hours of content creation, spend 2 hours teaching, etc.

Now before we dig into the Blueprint, let’s talk about “traffic.”

That’s probably the #1 thing that people tell me is holding them back in their business when I ask beginners or even intermediate marketers.

They tell me if they just had traffic, they would make sales.

Even if they don’t have products.

Or they don’t have a selling system for their coaching.

Or they don’t know how to write truly effective emails.

Or they don’t know their stuff (have expertise)

They may not have any of those things, but they feel like the #1 thing holding them back is no traffic.


The truth of the matter is, if they had a million visitors a month going to their blog with 3 posts, their email campaign with 3 emails, and they only have 1 product, they probably wouldn’t make many sales anyhow.

They would probably spend more in traffic than they make in sales!

On the other hand, if they had a website with 200 blog posts, a facebook page with 200 content-rich posts (real content at an expert level, not posts about what kind of food you had for lunch), 200 youtubes, an email campaign with strong emails in it, 3 products to sell, a coaching program, and 1-1 consulting available . . . . the traffic would probably just find a way to them, they wouldn’t even have to “drive traffic”.

Each day they would post an article to their blog, upload a video to youtube, post killer content on facebook, and as long as all that content was strong, they would likely find that people are FINDING them on the web, instead of them chasing “traffic,” they would be getting requests for interviews, those interviews would lead to more “traffic” and so on and so on.

And then of course, now that they have this whole foundation in place, and they are already getting plenty of organic content-driven traffic, if they wanted to re-invest some of their product sales into some facebook ads or google ads etc. to drive even MORE visitors to their website, then they could.


But for someone to just start out “driving traffic” when they don’t have a solid foundation in place that shows the world they are an expert and should be listened to and bought from, I think that’s just plain foolish.

Now, if you go into the marketplace with $10,000 you can invest (read: lose while testing) on google adwords or facebook and you are SIMULTANEOUSLY doing all the other things I’m teaching you here, then, sure, you could probably tweak your way to paid traffic success. But if you don’t have products to sell to that paid traffic, lots of content to prove you are an expert, and the ability to write emails that really engage, frankly I believe every dollar invested in traffic is . . . . lost.

So I’m going to show you a way to start getting traffic while simultaneously building a huge foundation online that makes you look like the expert you are, while simultaneously while you are getting that traffic and building the huge foundation of high-level content you are learning the information that makes you an expert, it is like a triple whammy – in a few months you have hundreds of content pieces online, traffic coming to your site, and you have become (or are becoming) an expert in the process.

Then you start creating products based on the expressed needs of your new subscribers, you learn to write emails by writing a daily email and communicating and gauging what works and what doesn’t, and before long you have steady traffic, and steady income, and a professional presence online.


Here’s the process:

The underlying principle, as you can easily see by now, is your expert/maven/influencer presence online. And when you build that out, everything else falls into place. Now, it’s important when you are creating content for your expert presence online that you create exemplary content, as opposed to “3 steps and a poem” articles. Your content should be powerful, it should wow the reader with your depth of understanding. I mean, think about it, who do YOU like to read online? Do you read from beginners who are regurgitating things they’ve read online, or do you like to follow thought leaders who are saying cutting edge things? My point exactly: you must be that thought leader others like you want to follow.


So here’s the process:

Step 1: make a list of topics your niche might want to learn about

Step 2: For each topic, learn enough to be able to talk about that topic for 5 minutes. Seriously, if you know about the topic, if I were to ask you, “tell me about that topic,” you could talk about it for 5 minutes, right? So if you are able to do that, simply take the topic and make 5 bullet points about the topic.

Create a powerpoint and put one bullet point on each page of 5 pages. Then on the 6th page put a call to action to subscribe to your list (download your free giveaway).

Now you have a 6 page powerpoint. Next, turn on a screen capture software, and talk for 5 minutes, scrolling through the powerpoint pages one per minute. In 5 minutes, you have recorded a youtube video. Then upload it to youtube.

How long did this take? 15 minutes?

If so, in 1:15 minutes, you could have 5 new youtubes each day.

That is 25 per week, or 100 per month. That is 1200 per year.

Let me ask you this, if you had started this one year ago, and you had 1200 youtubes online today, how would your business be different today?


Now, imagine that you next take each powerpoint and upload each one to In one year you would have 1200 slideshares online.

That would take another 15 minutes, so you are up to 1:30 per day.

Next, imagine you were to simply type out the words you spoke for each 5 minutes. Not necessarily word for word, but basically typing out what you said for 5 minutes. That should be about a 500 word article.

So you do that for each powerpoint (and you could even outsource it if you wanted, and pay someone to transcribe your youtubes, or take the transcription youtube gives you and edit it a little for grammar), and in one more hour you have 5 articles.

If you were to put 2 of them on your website, 2 on ezinearticles, and 1 on facebook each day, in one year you would have 500 articles on your website, 500 articles on ezinearticles and 250 articles on facebook.

How many of your competitors have 1200 youtubes, 1200 slideshares, 500 articles on their website, 500 articles on ezinearticles, and 250 articles (real articles, not tweets about lunch and the weather) on facebook?


If someone came to your website, googled you, or landed on your facebook page, youtube channel, or any of the other places, would they quickly see you as the expert?

And not only would they see you as the expert, if you were to do this for 1200 topics in your niche (which is what would happen if you did this 5 per day for a year), you would have 1200 topics of knowledge! If you had knowledge about 1200 unique topics in your niche, if you weren’t a bona-fide expert, you’d be real close to being one, right?!

So the very act of building out your content foundation online would aid you in becoming an expert!

Now, of course, you don’t have to put all those articles on the exact places I mentioned. Maybe there is an industry website you get invited to put some content on, or maybe you become a guest blogger somewhere.

Or maybe one day you get invited to be interviewed (do you think if you had 1200 articles and 1200 youtubes you would start getting invites to be interviewed?), and you take the recording of your interview, and you can use that interview as content (cut it into youtubes, transcribe it into articles, etc.)

Once you have that level of content, it’s amazing the kind of things that start to snowball.

I often get invited to be interviewed, appear on radio shows, write content, and so on. And you can too.


How do you like this so far?

By the way, maybe you are thinking, but I don’t want to wait a year for all of this happen.

Well, first, let me ask you this: if you had started on this a year ago, where would you be now online?

You see, one year is going to come and go in your life. And if you keep going like you are going, in one year you will still have a business that looks just like it does now.

Or you can start doing this, a couple hours a day, and in a year, have a complete expert foundation built out and be perceived as a genuine expert in your niche (I mean, c’mon, anyone who has 1200 articles and 1200 youtubes MUST be an expert, right? Go ahead, try to find some youtube channels with 1200 videos and tell me how many of them are experts!!)


Now the second thing is this: it’s not like it is going to take one year and then presto all of this is in place. It’s going to happen one day, one week, at a time.

In one week you will have 25 articles (spread between your site, other sites like ezinearticles, and facebook), 25 youtubes, and 25 slideshares.

In one month you’ll have 100 articles (spread between your site, other sites like ezinearticles, and facebook), 100 youtubes, and 100 slideshares.

Some people will probably ALREADY be thinking of you as an expert!


Now, what about the traffic part?

Well, if you are adding that kind of content each day, you will probably find you are getting a few subscribers a day, maybe more.

10 subscribers a day is 300 a month.

What if you had 300 subscribers a month coming in 2 months from now?

How would that change things?

And you aren’t even “driving traffic”!

But you ARE getting high-quality visitors (real humans with real needs you can meet) to your website.


And now that you have real humans signing up to your list, you could write an email every day, telling them about your new facebook post, or announcing the best youtube of the day, and so on. You could even write an email asking how they are doing, do they need your help, etc.

Imagine the kind of rapport would happen on your list if the 2nd day on your list your new highly targeted subscribers got an email that read like this:

Subject line:

Can I help you with anything?


Hi, Can I help you with anything?

My name is (Your name) and I noticed you joined my email campaign a few days ago, and downloaded my free guide . . .

Is there anything I can help you with or any questions I can answer?

If you ever need anything, just hit reply!

— To your success

(Your name)

How many people would you begin building relationships with?


They would tell you what they need!

And you could consult them 1-1 and get paid for it.

Or you could create a recorded product teaching them what they need to know and they could buy it.

Or you could create an easy coaching program and they could enroll.

Are you beginning to see how simple this can be, when you start with a clear foundation of content online, and then back it up with personalized emails that really connect, not those cheesy “buy me now” emails you get from other marketers?

By the way, I’ve taught this kind of thing to others in the past and they write 10 articles, make 2 youtubes, and then 2 months later they tell me they only have 2 subscribers, and that my system doesn’t work.

Can you see why it didn’t work for those people?

The key is multiple content pieces EVERY DAY.
No cheating. 5 a day everyday. When I wrote articles, I did 7-20 PER DAY.

I would likely not have a business today if I had written 7 a month.


So at this point, you have much of the blueprint.

You have the traffic.

You have the emails. Sure, you can take courses to learn to write better and better emails.

But to start out, if you just write one email a day from your heart, you’ll probably learn really fast what works and what doesn’t. And you can layer on training as time goes on, and get better and better at it. I’ve purchased multiple trainings on email writing, I’ve read multiple books to help me get better at email writing – and I can still improve! It’s a journey, not a space flight!


You have the website (you are putting 2 articles a day on it, right?)

If you don’t have a website, create one.

This is what it should have on it:

2 articles for every day it is in existence (if it is 50 days old, it should have 100 high – quality niche – specific articles on it).

A link to your ezinearticles page.

A link to your youtube channel.

A link to your first product, whenever you create it.

An optin box where someone can opt in to your list and download your freebie guide.

A picture of you (a good looking picture, not something you took on your disposable camera at the zoo)

Maybe a video of your explaining what you help folks with and how you’d like to help the prospect.

Anything else you can think of that adds credibility to your site.


Next, create products.

The easiest way to create a product is to create an outline of what someone wants to learn.

Make a bullet point for each thing you need to teach to make that product complete.

Then turn on a recorder and record one track for each topic. No time frame, just as long as each topic takes. Some topics might take 5 minutes, some topics might take 30 minutes.

So if you have 25 topics, you have 25 tracks.

Or you can do what I do, and combine topics so that each track is 1 hour long, no matter how long each topic takes.

Then you put those recordings on a page on your website.

Then you send an email to your subscribers and tell them you have created training that does : (list all the things you taught about) and tell them if they want it, buy it here: (that can literally be a link to your paypal payment button right in the email)

Or you can take a sales letter writing course and learn how to write a sales letter that tells someone about your product.

Or you can take a teleseminar training course and learn how to sell via a teleseminar.

Or webinars, Or via email. Or 1-1 over the phone. Whatever way you want to, to start out. Whatever is easiest for you.


That is your first product.

Hopefully what I just shared makes it clear how easy creating a product can be.

And maybe if I haven’t been typing for 2 1/2 hours straight I would have included more detail! But you really don’t need much more. Of course, there are training courses out there that can teach you how to create a product. But it shouldn’t be difficult, the process I just described is pretty much what I do, time after time.


Next you create a coaching program.

Here’s how easy that can be:

Simply announce a time for your group coaching program. Like Tuesdays at 9 PM ET. Agree to show up and teach anyone who shows up, whatever they want to learn.

That’s it.

That’s your coaching program.

And every week when you finish teaching, just take the recording and you can turn that into a recorded lesson for future coaching clients.

But your coaching program doesn’t need to be anything more than 1 hour a week, or 2 hours a month of access to you.

Of course, you can add onto it to make it as fancy as you want.

But it doesn’t have to start out that way.

It can be really simple, just a small group call with 10-20 clients at first. Q and A style. Teach them what you know!

Are you beginning to see how easy this can be?

Note, I didn’t say, fast, or 3 clicks, or get rich tomorrow. And I didn’t say that you won’t have a learning curve. And I didn’t say you won’t have to learn how to manage your time and your energy.

Let’s face it, everything I described above can be done in about 4 hours a day, if you shut the door and turn off the phone. But if you answer the phone every time it rings, reply to every text as they come in, reply to every email and have to read all 100 emails you get each day from hungry marketers begging you to buy their products, then you’ll never do it in 4 hours.

This document has taken me about 2 1/2 hours to write. But my email is off, my internet is off, my phone is on vibrate and I’ve only replied to one text from my wife, with about 5 words.


Sure, it takes discipline.

It is worth exercising discipline so that you can finally have a full-time online business?

I don’t know if it is for you.

I know it is for me.

I have been full time online for 7 years now.

And I love it.

And it’s worth having the discipline to only open my email box 1-2 times a day, to not answer the phone when working, to only read the 20-30 relevant emails each day out of the hundreds that come into my email accounts each day.

It’s worth it to wake up in the morning and decide to go hiking after working for a couple hours.

It’s worth it to ski 30-40 days a year.

It’s worth it to travel when and where we want to, and just take my “office” with me (it’s my MacBook Air, that’s my office!)

It’s worth it to be disciplined, write training like this, coach clients, and record a few hours a week for product creation.

It’s worth it to me.


Here’s the thing, this business can be really hard, or relatively easy.

I hope that after reading this you are having some amazing clarity.

I truly hope this document has been helpful!

I hope it has shed a light on information marketing that will make all the difference in you beginning to implement and get results in your business!

May God bless you richly as you build your business,

Sean Mize

P.S. Can you see how easy this business really can be? Do you like the method, the Blueprint I have described? If so, take action. Get started on it today. If not, find someone else’s blueprint that you like better. But by all means, get started. Because you CAN have the infobusiness of your dreams!

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