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The Conversation I Had With a Client That Changed His Life

A subscriber who is a buyer came to me a few days ago and asked me something along the lines of, look, I know a lot of stuff about marketing, but I am really stuck, what else do I have to learn to know what to do? It was wordier than that, but that was the gist of it.

Before I go any further . . . have YOU ever felt that way, like you keep learning, learning, learning, but still can’t put it all together?

First, let me say this: that’s normal. And the more you learn, the worse it gets . . . until a very certain connection occurs.

I’m going to demonstrate that connection by letting you read the next few emails back and forth with my subscriber:

I asked:

I don’t know if you can build a business with what you already have, as I don’t know what you already know how to do.
But what you already have will probably give you enough to take action and make it happen.

So let me ask you this, to help me help you:

How many hours have you spent in the month working online, thinking
about working online, reaading emails, watching youtubes, facebook, etc,
online thinking about working online?

2) How many dollars have you spent online in the last 30 days? How much was spent with me, how much with someone else?

3) If you had to write a 5 step list of what to do to become successful online, what would those 5 steps be?


Now, before we go any further . . . why not contemplate YOUR answers to those questions . . .

His response:

1) I spent atleast 6-8hrs a day online as I’m self employed and
have the time. I think what I am learning now more than ever is that it
isn’t how many hrs I spend but what productivity I get out of those
2) Well after much wasted money chasing shiny objects I found your
teachings of which I’ve spent maybe just over $60 bucks because I only
found you recently. I’m also part of Alex Jeffrey’s mastermind coaching
because my cousin paid for me and I won’t disappoint. Between the 2 of
you I’m gathering the knowledge I need. But sad to say I hate failure
and that’s why I haven’t moved as yet. Reason why coaching hits me so
hard is because being the son of reverends and a preacher myself
speaking comes naturally. I even bought the microphone. I’m still
suffering from info overload as to what I should coach plus I only have
had 5 months or so online and still waiting on MLM company that I am a
part of for certain issues regarding compliance before I launch into the
health niche because these products work and are backed by the
physicians desk reference.
3) Although I think I know one or two I wont say I know all 5 steps
because am overwhelmed at this point and what I’m searching for are
clearly defined steps to build an Internet business. I was lead to
believe having websites was Internet business and thousands of dollars
after and near bankruptcy I know that is one if the biggest lies out
there. Poorly constructed website with no valuable content and
attracting freebie seekers are waste of time. So I’m learning as I go
along. Thing is how long can I go now I’m broke and yet no where do I
have a presence online. This may not be what uou asked but here goes not
necessarily in right order
1) valuable content everyday
Articles/video/audio etc this drives traffic
2) email and build my list everyday
3) make my own products
4) study my niche/ become expert
5) be mentored

Before we go any further . . . did you catch something here?

Actually  . . . a FEW somethings???

1) he is not only working 6 hours a day on his business getting NO WHERE (he might as well be flipping burgers, right?), he is going in circles. You can read it in his language. Do YOU feel like you are going in circles?

2) notice how, even though he can’t make anything happen, when I ask him the steps to DOING it – he gets them all right!

That means he – and you too, if you guessed the same ones – need to stop STUDYING and start DOING!!!

Start a funnel.

Squeeze page.

Free giveaway.

Daily email.

Create a product.

Write a sales letter.

Tweak it, test it, make it better.

Find ways to get in from of people who NEED what you have – go where they are online.

Do more and more of the same, getting more people to your squeeze page so you get more subscribers, so more people are getting your emails, so you can test your first product and do a survey to find out what to create second and deliver value, sell, deliver value, sell, and keep going.

This is the blueprint.

It is so simple.

You can do it, just like he did!

Read my response:

Here’s the thing your list is almost exactly correct:
1) valuable content everyday
Articles/video/audio etc this drives traffic
2) email and build my list everyday
3) make my own products
4) study my niche/ become expert
5) be mentored
Now, what would happen if you went to spending ALL of your 6-8 each day JUST DOING THOSE  5 THINGS and nothing more?

And read his:

I’d have a maven/influencer business and be an authority on the web

He’s getting it!!! Just like you are !!!

My response:

So what’s your next step?


yep, that’s it!


I’m near to tears as I write this. Thank you so much Sean Mize and God continue to bless you


you’re welcome 🙂
now do it – make it happen 🙂


Thanks Sean I got 3 wso you sent out tonight so I’ll study those and
definitely mirror those 60 coachings you’ve put out plus I know I’ve
lost people on my list because of not knowing what to say in an email
and how to get them trust me to buy anything. I know I have my work cut
out but I have to do this because my family’s depending on me to provide
a better life.


Here’s the thing, I think that the realization that you had as we
had our conversation is something that most people need, and I was
thinking if I were to copy this conversation and send it to my list, it
my be helpful.
Obviously I’ll leave your name out of it , . .
Would it be okay with you if I did that?


Of course you can. It’s because of you showing me certain things in
our convo I’m gonna take action. One of the things you said today as I
listened to those teachings brought about and awareness in me that
frankly had me grounded. I felt like I had to have it perfect before I
even started when truth is the only one who makes no mistakes is God
almighty. Thanks Sean because the truth is some the things you shared
with me some clients had to pay for so I’m grateful. I’ll have this up
and running ASAP but right now I have to find something that will
sustain my family’s financial future while I work on putting my business
together and out there.


Ok, thank you very much, I think it’s gonna help some folks –
yeah, it’s not easy getting started, you can’t count on it paying
the bills certainly not the first few months, and it usually takes
longer than that, even if you are doing everything right


Hmm maybe I can short cut my problems by doing my 1st wso product
which is interviewing a guru in IM namely Sean Mize if he’d consent.
What do you think ?? I really would appreciate that if it is at all
possible. It’s hard having a wife and 6yr old who’s birthday is on nov
22nd and not sure if she’s even going to get a cake from me. I know I’d
have to get it all set up and get the questions to you etc but I could
easily get most of those tools online plus you already have a recognize
presence and name on the warrior forum which would make this easier.
The God we serve continue to bless you Sean Mize


(Now, before you send me an email asking to interview me, the answer is already no. Sorry, I am overbooked right now with “things to do” and am doing the same thing I am teaching you folks to do . . . focusing on the really important things in my life and my business.

But there was a time when I would respond very favorably to interview requests. And you are probably on the lists of at least 10 people who would gladly let you interview them and you could create a product out of the interviews you do.

Did you see how he is ready to take action?

Skip a few responses:


but here’s my advice:
once you get done with that outline, sit down and write out EVERYTHING you know about marketing online
write a huge outline of all the topics you know
then write everything you know
and you know alot, cause youve been studying and buying a lot
it might be 100 pages
keep writing till it’s complete
that’s your homework 🙂


Ok. 10×10 matrix here I come. Lololol

Thanks dude Fuh real ( bajan talk from Barbados )


yeah, you gotta it all in ya!!!


Hi Sean. Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday. I’m half way thru the
outline and will have it completed by tomorrow. I have a little project I
have to attend to now that is why.

Ok, that’s it –

Here’s the thing, friend, can’t YOU do what my subscriber did?

Can YOU write an ebook with EVERYTHING you know and put it up on kindle?

Can YOU interview 10 experts and make it a product?

Can YOU write a blog post everyday and tell everyone you know?

Can YOU stop spending 6 hours a day surfing the web and reading emails and instead spend 6 hours a day writing blog posts and recording videos? (That’s what I did my first 6-8 months – I wrote articles and published them, about 6 hours a day. It was like a job. I probably woudn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t done it)

Make YOUR website the #1 website in the WORLD for your topic.

If it’s not worth being number 1, it’s not worth doing.

Get to work!

Sean Mize










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