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Additional Product Creation Ideas

Additional Product Creation Ideas (by the way, if you’ve discovered the way you really like to create products and you can be efficient at that method, you can probably skip this . . or maybe it will give you more great ideas!): Product Creation Guide Outlining and Intro CD Product A post-overview I hope I’ve…

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Additional Product Creation Methods

And in this lesson, you get additional product creation methods: Additional Product Creation Methods Hopefully by now, as you are listening to these audio trainings, you are beginning to see how easy it really can be! Sean

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Create Products With Weekly Teleseminars

This is an audio lesson (and can serve as an example of using audio to create your products, as this can serve as a stand-alone product, although in this instance it’s a lesson): ==>Create Products With Teleseminars

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Introduction to Creating Products

In order to sell to your subscribers, you have to have something to sell them. You can sell your time and call it consulting. or you can create trainings (or products) that you create once and sell again and again. These can be print (books, ebooks, training manuals, lessons like this) or audio (mp3s, podcasts,…

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