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Introduction to Creating Products

In order to sell to your subscribers, you have to have something to sell them.

You can sell your time and call it consulting.

or you can create trainings (or products) that you create once and sell again and again.

These can be print (books, ebooks, training manuals, lessons like this) or audio (mp3s, podcasts, etc) or videos (youtubes or mp4s or well, videos!)

There is no one right way to do it, so in the following lessons I’ll try to expose you to a few different ways so you can choose which you like, or, like me, you can create different products using different methods.

You’ll be using the matrix as your guide for topics and product outline. (Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix)

The key is create 3 products so we can put them in a funnel and write the email campaign . . . and you’ll be about 1/2 done with the foundation of your business (the final key component is building a membership with some of your content and a few lessons)

And in the next few lessons you’ll begin to do just that!



Create Products With Weekly Teleseminars
The Checklist
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