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Create Squeeze Page

What to Include on Your Squeeze Page

I’ll keep this lesson simple for now, but may add to it over time: There are 3 core components to your squeeze page, as you’ve primarily seen in the first lesson with examples, and if you bought the squeeze page creator on the previous lesson you should have examples in there. But to summarize: You…

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Use a Squeeze Page Creator to Create Your Squeeze Page

In the last lesson, you saw some examples of squeeze pages, and a few ways to create a squeeze page. But perhaps you just want the “one way” to create a squeeze page that’s simple and works. On the one hand, there is no “one way” there are 1000s. So to choose one will be…

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Removing the Confusion From Creating a Squeeze Page

This is probably the most confusing lesson. There are probably 10,000 different ways to create a squeeze page. You can use a service, you can use a plugin, you can use whatever software you use, if you use html, you can use html, if you use a wp theme that let’s you format a little,…

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