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Use a Squeeze Page Creator to Create Your Squeeze Page

In the last lesson, you saw some examples of squeeze pages, and a few ways to create a squeeze page. But perhaps you just want the “one way” to create a squeeze page that’s simple and works.

On the one hand, there is no “one way” there are 1000s.

So to choose one will be very partial . . .but if you want the direction, I’ll give you one simple way:

Use a wordpress squeeze page plugin.

The way it works is that once you install it, you simply use it to create what is essentially a pre-programmed page and you just fill in the blanks for the headline, the bullets, and the optin code.

So here’s one you can use (or google for others):

This is a simple squeeze page creator that you own:

Squeeze Page Creator

Although they are convenient, I do NOT recommend the squeeze page services that charge a monthly fee to give you access to the programming . . the problem is, if you decide you don’t want to continue to pay, you lose everything you’ve done with it.

With a stand-alone squeeze page creator like that above one, you own it on your wordpress website.

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