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Big Payday Coaching System

Welcome and Congratulations for Choosing to Learn my Big Payday Coaching System . . .

Here is the training that will teach you the positioning and psychology of the Big Payday offer:

Psychology and Pricing Structure


And here is a training to teach you how to create a year-long coaching program:

How to Create a Year-Long Coaching Program

In addition, you can study the letters themselves that I’ve written in the past to sell $20k – $50k in coaching:

(note: none of these programs is live, if a button is live, please don’t enroll)

RoundTable (Around 20 clients at $397 a month for about 6 months):

RoundTable Mastermind

$97 a month coaching – sold over an estimated $200k in coaching here

$97 a month coaching letter you can copy

90 to 3k – this sold about 12 or so clients at $2997:

90  to 3k

then with the payments page another 30-40 clients:

90 to 3k payments


Hoop Trio Sales Letter for High – Ticket Coaching:

(the purpose of these letters in order is to filter (or qualify) your list for higher-ticket client who trust more and are willing to pay more)

I used these sales letters in order:

First hoop letter

Letter after they invest in the first hoop

The next hoop

(keep in mind, these are not copy-and-paste, they are to show you a pattern that builds desire)

Finally, the sales page



 6 Week Crash Course Sales Letter

6 Week Crash Course Sales Letter With Payments

(the idea with payments is that you offer the full price offer first, then a few days later, add a payment option [for those who don’t take the full price offer])


One more hint: (I alluded to this earlier ) the BEST way to learn to write copy the way I do is to read and write, read and write . . . read my sales letters carefully, really FEEL how they come across, then sit down and write a sales letter . . then throw it away and write another one.

Get COMFORTABLE writing sales letters . . .

PLUS –  . . . I’ve added in a few special bonuses for you to sink your teeth into over the weekend

First, my Conversation Coach Enrollment System . . now, please note, selling over the phone is NOT required for the special system I am going to share with you , , it can be done 100% by using print sales letters just like I do . . BUT you CAN make a few additional sales if you do phone calls with folks who don’t enroll from the print . . . so if you want to learn my easy system, you can study it here:

Conversational Coach Enrollment System

Plus mini-bonuses:

Ultimate High Ticket Package Components

Reverse Funnel Model Training

How to Sell Consulting on the Fly



7 Coaching Sales Letters
Add Value to a High-Ticket Product By Adding Access to You
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