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7 Coaching Sales Letters

Congratulations for choosing to study and dissect my 7 coaching sales letters . .  . The best way to study these is to read each one from top to bottom, and ask yourself how you feel as you read each one. Then begin to compare and think about the words I used, and how you…

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Big Payday Coaching System

Welcome and Congratulations for Choosing to Learn my Big Payday Coaching System . . . Here is the training that will teach you the positioning and psychology of the Big Payday offer: Psychology and Pricing Structure   And here is a training to teach you how to create a year-long coaching program: How to Create…

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Add Value to a High-Ticket Product By Adding Access to You

Let’s talk about what access to you could look like. Giving personal access to your expertise can take many forms, and each of them greatly boosts the value of your online course or product. Here are some tips for adding you into the mix: You could offer unlimited email access. Please, don’t allow yourself to…

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Coaching: Maximize Profits and Customer Loyalty Fast

What is coaching? Why would you consider coaching? How do you know if coaching will work for your niche? These are critical questions to ask if you want to increase profits in your business and increase the amount of money you make per customer. How do You Know if Coaching Will Work? Before I tell…

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10 day launch course

10 Day Coaching Program Launch Here is the core training: 10 Day Coaching Program Core Training (be sure to listen to the training program below as well; take action and let this change your life!) Bonus: BEFORE the live call, listen to this entire training program: ==>Coaching Program Launch Course   To your success, Sean…

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How to Start a Coaching Program From Scratch

Do you want to start a coaching program, but aren’t sure how? Or perhaps you have considered starting a coaching program, but it seems overwhelming, or it feels like there are too many steps to doing it. 

If so, I plan to dispel all of those challenges today! I’ll show you in this article how…

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Coaching With Sean Mize

Coaching Sales Letter Sample: Are you an intermediate or advanced marketer, you know WHAT to do to build your business, but you feel like you have hit a wall? No matter what you do, you just can’t break through to the next level of success online. Something is holding you back. Are you struggling to…

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How to Deliver the Feedback Element of Your Coaching Program

How to Deliver the Feedback Element of Your Coaching Program Email: If you are delivering the feedback element of your coaching program via email, create an email account you will use exclusively for your coaching clients. Give that email address to your clients, let them know when you are available for email questions (for example,…

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How to Create Coaching Program Lessons

How to Create Coaching Program Lessons There are 2 primary ways to create coaching program lessons. One way is to create them ahead of time, much as you would create an information product to sell. For example, if you are going to launch a 13 week coaching program you would create 13 coaching lessons ahead…

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How to Design Your Coaching Program

There are 2 elements that are necessary in a coaching program. You need to have an instructional core element, meaning some way to deliver the lessons. You need to have a communication method in your coaching program (this is what makes coaching . . . coaching, instead of a product.) The instructional element can be…

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How to Design and Deliver Your Coaching Program – Introduction

How to Design Your Coaching Program One of the most important elements in your information business is a coaching program. The reason is that most people who buy your information products will not get results from reading or listening to your training, not because it is not good or effective training, but because most people…

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