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Coaching Sales Letter Sample:

Are you an intermediate or advanced marketer, you know WHAT to do to build your business, but you feel like you have hit a wall?

No matter what you do, you just can’t break through to the next level of success online.

Something is holding you back.

Are you struggling to break through to the next level online?

What’s it going to take to get you to the next level?

the thing, you are at a certain level right now online. In fact, you
aren’t a beginner. You are an intermediate or advanced marketer. You
have a site, products, an automated email campaign, you mail your
subscribers 3-5 times a week or more, and you are profitable. You likely
have a coaching program. You may be generating anywhere from $5,000 to
$20,000 or more per month right now.

But yet, you still feel like something is missing.

Like you know you could break through to the next level, but it is like there is an invisible wall.

Sometimes you might try to quantify that invisible wall,

You may call it, you don’t have enough time, and then you focus on managing your time.

But that doesn’t really solve the problem, you don’t break through.

you think that perhaps its that you don’t know enough. So you buy more
training, study more, learn new things. Which is good. But for some
reason, there is a gap between the new knowledge you have gained and the
results you see in your business.

Or maybe it’s something else.

You don’t feel creative enough.

Maybe you feel you are missing something someone else would see.

Here’s the thing, it could be everything I’ve mentioned, nothing I’ve mentioned, or a combination of them all.

But what you do know is that you aren’t moving to the next level as fast as you want to.

I submit to you that you need someone on the outside looking in.

who’s been there, done that, who’s been through the challenges you are
working through, someone who’s experienced what you are sticking up
against – and won the battle.

Someone you can talk with a few
times a month. Tell him/her your problem, he/she has insight, has dealt
with it before, or has helped someone else through that problem in the

Someone you can bounce ideas off of.

How would that feel?

Hey, I get it.

My friends don’t understand my business.

wife doesn’t fully understand my business, and frankly, it’s not easy
to talk with my friends and my wife about my business because let’s face
it, they just don’t understand the nuances of this kind of business.

are good for bouncing creative ideas off of, they are good for telling
you what won’t work – but in reality, they don’t know what WILL work.

They don’t have ideas from experience.

You need someone to talk with that has ideas from experience.

Someone who can give you the ideas, the direction, the “push” to take your business to the next level.

At this point, perhaps you are thinking, ok, now you are going to sell me on working with you.

And actually, I’m not.

I want to sell you on working with SOMEONE.

I may or may not be a good fit to work with you.

And you may or may not be a good fit to work with me.

But if you need someone to talk with, and we are a good fit, then maybe I can help your business grow.

In fact, here are some real-life emails I’ve gotten from folks who have worked with me (but
before you read them, let me say this: I can’t promise you’ll get the
same results. You might get better results, you might do more, or you
might not achieve what they could. Each person’s business is different
and has unique possibilities of opportunity, and I’ll simply be giving
you ideas and direction, what you do with that and your results is out
of my hands):

made over $30,000 with a campaign that came directly from your Anyone
Can Coach book & listening to your audio recordings (from a 7,500
email list).

“Listening to your recordings has had a
big impact this year. I particularly love the concept of the
autoresponder coaching program, followed by a weekly coaching call &
unlimited email support. Makes it really easy to scale. Looking forward
to learning more from you. ”


“I’ve been learning from Sean for a while now.

Why do I STILL invest in his coaching program? Because his methods
work! I followed his system and launched my first coaching program in a
long while. The result?

“14 people invested in a 6 week $247 program that I am STILL creating.

am being paid handsomely to develop a coaching program that is earning
me money now and will continue to earn passive income for years to come.

” If you work with Sean and actually do what he teaches you can realistically expect to see a good return on your investment.”

Lynne Lee

Here’s another:

“I started my 1st group coaching and had 14 sign up!

“It is a 5 session group with 1 personal coaching.

“$397.00 and sold 14

“$5500+ so thank you for your advice and guidance!”

Wayne –

“Hey Sean,

“For some reason I just randomly thought of you.

” I’d just like to send you a thankyou email because you were instrumental in my development as an internet marketer.

“I learned article marketing from you, I learned copywriting from you and I modelled a lot of things off you.

just like to let you know that I am financially free now and I generate
4k+/month from my business with less than 4 hours per week required.

” This was my dream back when I was studying from you. I’d recommend your courses/training to anyone.

were some of the best investments I made – massive value for the low
price. I actually flick back to them now and then because the content is
still very relevant. Your natural copywriting style (that I learned in
your course) is totally awesome and I’ve used it in pretty much every
medium you could imagine.

” So thankyou… You really are doing a great thing for people. Keep it up and I wish all the best for you.

“Warmest Regards,

Alex “

Here’s one more:

“Hey Sean,

wanted to give you a heads up that I went through this course live with
you while I was on Vacation. I got home a little over a week ago. Wrote
the sales letter … Did a couple “Educational” content driven emails
with video before launching the coaching program.

signed up 10 people so far with a $600 price point in 2 days. I’m doing
a 5 day launch so we have a few days left to hit my goal of 15-20 seats

“The greatest part is I was able to do this without even having the product ready!

“Thanks for your help man…. ”


Before I go any further, please let me tell you what this is NOT:

This is NOT beginner training.

that is what you need, go to my training programs page and buy the
appropriate training: email marketing, maven/influencer training,
coaching program development, whatever you need.

This is NOT me
telling you how to run your business, giving you step by step
instructions, teaching you how to do specific things like write copy,
write emails, create a website, etc.

There are plenty of trainings all over the web, some of which are mine, to teach you how to do these things.

This is for when you know what to do in general, but you are stuck.

You are stuck implementing.

You are stuck taking action.

You are stuck on creatively determining your sales funnel path.

You are stuck on an advanced issue like conversion testing, designing a coaching program, etc.

If you are stuck, I can most likely break you through.

I can help you get to the next level.

Here’s how it works:

I am available on Thursdays from 2 PM ET until 3 PM ET for an open call – in time for clients.

call in to a special telephone number during that time, and I will
answer any question you ask, give you ideas, break you through,
generally whatever you need.

Once I have answered your question,
I will take the next client who has a question. Once I’ve answered
everyone’s questions, and given out ideas and challenges and
breakthroughs, I’ll take another question.

By the way, maybe you are thinking, will this work for me?

Will I like this?

And so on.

I don’t know.

Try it out for a month.

Talk with me 4 times.

Decide if you like it.

If not, you can quit anytime.

you come to the calls and ask me a question each week, and at the end
of the first 4 weeks, you decide it’s not for you, I’ll even refund your
first payment for the first month. But there is no other refund policy.
I do this so that someone can’t sign up because they have one question,
then quit and get a refund once their question is answered.

This keeps this call high quality.

It keeps the lookie-loos out.

it keeps the quality of the questions – and my answers – high.

And by the way, I record each session.

you don’t have to take notes while talking with me, instead you can
really drill into what you need help with, really listen to my answer.

And also so that if you miss the call one week, you can still listen to the call and hear the others’ questions and my answers.

Because I find there is a real mastermind effect that happens on the call.

Someone asks a question you maybe never thought to ask.

I answer it.

You get an idea you can use in your business.

You use it.

Your business grows.

Imagine if every week for 50 weeks, you took just ONE idea from my call each week.

And you implemented it in your business.

What would your business look like 50 weeks from now?

Ok, I’m not going to bribe you, sell you, twist your arm, low price you, scare you, or anything like that.

Either you need my help or you don’t.

If you need my personal help, this is the only way to get it.

I no longer offer 1-1 consulting to clients who are not attending my weekly call ins.

I no longer answer “how to” questions via email, forums, skype, or anywhere else.

This is the ONLY way you can get me to answer your questions and help you grow personally.

by the way, although this is a “group call in,” you will see that when I
am answering YOUR question, it’s just you and me. Everyone else is
muted. You and I are working on YOUR business.

You will be amazed at what happens when you work personally with me for just a few weeks, let alone a few months.

If you are ready to get started, perhaps you are thinking, ok, how much is it?

Right now it’s $107 a month. I’m planning to raise it to $197 a month or more in the future.

right now it’s $107 a month, and your price stays the same even when
the price for new clients goes up to $197 or $297 a month.

That’s less than $27 a week for me to talk with you personally each week, and answer a question.

Here’s a review of what you get:

  • On Thursday’s from 2 PM ET until 3 PM ET, I am available for an open call in client line.

  • You call in during that time, get in queue, and I answer your questions on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Once I have answered everyone’s questions, I will open the call for a second question, if you have one.

  • Many weeks I also do a targeted teaching, something brand new, cutting edge, something you can use in your business right now.

  • You’ll get a recording of each of our sessions together.

  • We
    don’t meet on big holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday.
    If I’m on vacation or taking some time off, I generally still do this
    call, but occasionally I will cancel it. It is rare.

  • The bottom line is this: if you want to take your business to the next level, I can probably help you.

There’s one way to find out.

Try it out for a month.

If you love it, stay as long as you want.

If you don’t, you can quit anytime.

if you hate it, you’ve asked me a question each week, but you just
aren’t getting results, I’ll give your first months’ money back, and I
recommend you find a different coach who integrates with you and your
goals better than I do!

Are you ready to get started?

If so, go ahead, get started now:


Your Link Here

once you complete your payment, be sure to click “return to merchant”
to complete your enrollment. If you miss that link, please send an email
to me with a receipt of your first payment so we can get you properly

I look forward to working with you!

If you have just enrolled, congratulations!

You are in for a real treat.

Come to the weekly calls, and I promise you I’ll make a difference in your life!

To your success,

Sean Mize



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