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How to Deliver the Feedback Element of Your Coaching Program

How to Deliver the Feedback Element of Your Coaching Program

Email: If you are delivering the feedback element of your coaching program via email, create an email account you will use exclusively for your coaching clients. Give that email address to your clients, let them know when you are available for email questions (for example, Monday through Thursday from 9-4), and simply respond to their emails as they come in.

Skype or instant message/chat: Create a dedicated chat room or chat channel for your coaching clients. Let clients know when you will be available for coaching.

Telephone coaching: Sign up with a professional teleconferencing service such as, set a consistent time and day for the coaching call, and give clients the time and access details.

When holding the live call, have a prepared lesson ready to teach. Teach the lesson, then open the call up for questions. Those questions can be related to the weeks’ coaching topic, or can be related to the lessons your clients are studying that week in the recorded coaching lessons. Record the coaching call and send it to clients using your autoresponder, after the call. This way, clients who are not able to make the live call still get access to the content.

Video coaching: Use a webinar service such as I recommend using live webinar coaching only when using audio is not effective, or if you are in a coaching niche where most of what you teach must be shown. The reason for this is that the preparation time for a webinar/video is significantly higher than for telephone, and it is more difficult to give a webinar lesson “on the fly”. For example, with most telephone teleconferencing, you can access the delivery line from a telephone or your computer, whereas with video, you must have internet access, and preferably high speed internet. This means that if you are traveling you will need to make special arrangements or plans to deliver the coaching if you are delivering with webinar, whereas if you offer telephone coaching, as long as you have telephone service you can easily deliver the coaching (I have personally delivered many telephone coaching lessons on the road, in multiple states and internationally, with just cell phone access. Delivering webinar coaching would have taken more planning and time.)

Regardless of the method you use to deliver the instructional element and the feedback element, automate as much as possible using email autoresponder delivery for the instruction and for the recording of the feedback element if you are using telephone or video.

Place boundaries on the time you spend on the feedback element.

If you use telephone or video, it is easy to constrain your active coaching time to 1-2 hours per week – the hours of the week when you are committed to being available for your clients. With email and instant messenger it is more difficult to place boundaries on your time, although some coaches prefer simply being available for more hours to begin required to be available during a set time each week. In my case, I much prefer knowing that for 2 hours each week, I am committed to a single coaching call, and have no responsibility to even open skype or my email on any given day if I so choose.

That’s it, folks! If you don’t already have a coaching program, you probably can see by now how easy it is to do. If you have a coaching program but are spending too much time delivering coaching, streamline your coaching using the methods I recommend here, and you’ll be able to take on more clients and deliver the coaching in less time and with less stress.

That’s it.

That’s the formula.

That’s what I do.

And all on autopilot.

Not clear on exactly what to do and how to do it?

Scroll back up and review the formula.

Write it out in a time line for what you would do in your business.

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