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How to Design and Deliver Your Coaching Program – Introduction

How to Design Your Coaching Program

One of the most important elements in your information business is a coaching program. The reason is that most people who buy your information products will not get results from reading or listening to your training, not because it is not good or effective training, but because most people who purchase from you are purchasing because they have been struggling with the problem you help them with, for a long time. They have likely purchased other products, read books, tried different ways of succeeding with what you are teaching, but nevertheless are still struggling.

Although your training might give them some edge that all the other things they have studied were unable to do, it is unlikely that your book or recording is going to change their lives forever. They need feedback; they need someone to guide them personally.

And that is where coaching comes in.

When you offer coaching, your buyers get more results. Not because you are necessarily teaching them something they don’t know, but primarily because of the structure and feedback element in the coaching. Perhaps you have an accountability element to your coaching, and this bolsters results. In fact, for some clients, just knowing they are paying for monthly coaching increases their results, because instead of feeling like it is something they can do anytime they want, which happens when someone purchases a one-payment product like a book or a recording, they feel as though since they are paying for the coaching, they might as well use it.

And last but not least, when you offer coaching, you tend to double your revenue overnight. Here’s how it works. 

Let’s imagine you sell a $97 mp3 training program that teaches your topic. You sell 100 units a month, so you are taking in $9700 per month. And although people are actively purchasing your mp3 training program, most people are not having success for the reasons mentioned above.

But when you put a $97 a month coaching program in place, about 20% of the people who buy your $97 mp3 training program might join your coaching program. So you are adding 20 new coaching clients each month, each paying $97 a month. Within about 6 months, you have 100 coaching clients paying $97 a month, in addition to 100 new people buying your $97 training each month. Instead of taking in $9700 each month, you take in $18,400. This is double your income before adding coaching.

The coaching takes 2 hours max to deliver each week. So about 8 hours per month. 8 hours per month for $9700 in additional revenue. It really is that easy. Of course, you have to have buyers to be able to double your revenue. And this example is just that, an example.

But if you have buyers already, generally I have found that you can double your revenue by adding a simple coaching program.

How to Design Your Coaching Program
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