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How to Find Your Unique Angle in Your Niche Area

In the last lesson, we dug into the idea of the basic model.

Please note, you don’t have to do everything exactly the way I do it.

But I do believe you need to understand “why” the model works . . .

So you can make it work for you!

so . . one of the core premises of the model is that you have to meet a need in the marketplace.

if you don’t meet a need, why should anyone buy from you?

So . . you have to find a need, then create a solution to meeting the need . . and that’s what this lesson and the next two lessons, are all about . . .

Note: these 3 lessons might be overkill,.

If after 15 mins you KNOW what your need you are meeting is, and how you are going to meet it and position yourself . . then move on.

But if you need all 3 sessions – by all means take them!

If you don’t nail this down, you can go through ALL the steps in my program or anyone else’s and just be spinning your wheels.

The bottom line is this: in order for YOU to make money online . . .

someone else has to give YOU their money.

And in order for them to give you their money . .

you have to have something they want!

Start here:

How to Find YOUR Unique Angle in Your Niche Area


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