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The Model

Sometimes when you are building your business, you aren’t sure about the model you are going to use.

One person’s told you one thing, I’ve told you something else . . and in the long run, it’s YOUR business, so you want to know WHY you are doing what you are doing, so you can make changes as you wish.

I want you to fully internalize the “why” of my model, and why and how it works . .

So I’ve got a bit of a lengthy reading exercise for you today . .

but if you’ll dig deep, don’t rush . . . (it’s an easy read, I promise), I believe you’ll emerge from this sitting with some amazing clarity.

And yes, there are a couple of written assignments embedded in this reading . . do them too 🙂

So here’s the assignment: read pages 1-51 in this doc:

(NOT PAST page 51 . . just pages 1-51):

Read Pages 1-51 In This Doc

That’s all for today! (and no worries if this takes 2-3 days, it’s worth it)


A Deep Look at the Sean Mize Business Model
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