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Wrapping Up the Raw Essentials

If you’ve done all the work so far, you have the following in place:

  1. A problem that you solve online
  2. A squeeze page so you can get subscribers who need that problem solved
  3. An intro product you can sell, with sales page to sell it from

In theory, you have a complete business.

And in fact, that’s ALL I had for a business my first few months online.

And once you’ve created your first product, you start on product #2.

And if all you do is focus on getting new subscribers into your business . . . and then give them a chance to buy product 1 in your autoresponder, and then tell them about product #2 when you release it . .


and maybe send a few emails a week to keep in touch with your subscribers, give them great training so they want to keep opening your emails, and build trust . . .

You can keep releasing a new product each month.

Get new subscribers –> they go through your basic AR and buy your first product, then your second product and so on –> they get a few new emails you write each week


You have a basic business.




Rinse and Repeat

I share this for 2 main reasons:

  1. I want you to fully “get” how easy this business is.
  2. I want you to see that you can take what you have right now, and just build onto it, either by adding new subscribers on the front end, or by adding products on the backend.

But you have a real business.

You can add to it, bolt new things to it, add products, add a coaching program, and so on . . but your foundation is built.

Now, having said that . . you can more predictably grow your business if you implement certain steps and procedures . . .so in the next lessons we’ll start getting into those things that will make you a better marketer, and able to help more folks (and get paid more!)


Step 4 - Fast Start Foundation - Drive Traffic
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