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How to Use an Unannounced Free Giveaway to Build Trust and Loyalty

Free giveaways are an indispensable part of your business. They are something that Web surfers have come to expect: their email address for your free giveaway, Quid pro quo.

The purpose, of course, is to persuade people to part with their email addresses. It’s a process commonly referred to as list building.

But there’s a technique for speeding up the list building process without overtly attracting more traffic. It’s a way of get your new subscribers to do it for you; and done properly, it can create a lot more visitors than you would normally get.

It’s called the Unannounced Free Giveaway, and it’s what it says. It’s a free giveaway that you offer after people get the one they think that they are going to get.

Here’s how it works.

When a prospects click “Immediate Download”, instead of a new page appearing which tells them to check their inbox to confirm or, if it’s a single opt-in, just takes them to a page with the download link, it takes them to a page with a form on it.

And the deal is that if they will provide you with the names and email addresses of three to five other people, then they can have a second free giveaway. That second giveaway has to be at least as valuable as the first one you offered; and really it ought to be more so. That’s because you have the potential of getting three to five times as many visitors as a result as you did from just the one.

If every person who signed up for the first free giveaway referred three to five more people in order to get the second, can you imagine how much more targeted traffic that could bring to your sign-up page?

There’s another way to give people a second free giveaway, and that’s just to do it. When they click on “Immediate Download”, they’re taken to a page with a link to that free giveaway. But when they get there, you tell them that you’re giving them an unannounced giveaway as well. This, too, needs to be valuable. You really want them to feel that getting on your list was smartest thing they did all day.

And what that does is to create an emotional debt. It makes them feel that they owe you. You see, when they gave you their email address in exchange for the free giveaway, that was a fair exchange. But when you gave them another free giveaway without giving them the opportunity to return the favor, that put them into your debt. That unannounced bonus could encourage them to buy something from you a little later down the road.

The unannounced free giveaway (bonus, either for grtr emotional debt or to obtain referral prospects from new subscribers.)

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Thoughts on Delivery of Your Free Giveaway

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Thoughts On Delivery of Your Free Giveaway
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