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How to Name Your Free Giveaway

It’s essential that you have a free giveaway to give away to subscribers. It’s important because it gives them an opportunity to see if the value that you’ve put into it is sufficient to make them want any more from you. But creating a valuable giveaway seems to be a lot easier than naming it.…

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Make Your Giveaway Relevant to Your Sales Funnel

If you’re going to build an email list, then you’re also going to have to create a free giveaway that is worth having. It has to be something that people want so badly that they won’t hesitate for even a moment to give you their email address. And if you use a double opt-in, and…

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Keep Your Giveaway Relevant As Your Funnel Changes

Giveaway funnels change over time. They have to. If yours doesn’t, then it’s probably out of date. It probably has giveaways in it that no longer sell as they once did, and your revenue is likely to be considerably lower than it once was. Healthy giveaway funnels are constantly being rejuvenated. As the needs of…

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Create the Right Giveaway For Your Funnel or Business

All of the giveaways in your giveaway funnel are related. This should be by design rather than by default. In fact, if it happened accidentally, then they probably aren’t as related to one another as you think they are. That’s because you need to fully understand the relationship that they have with one another. You…

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How to Use an Unannounced Free Giveaway to Build Trust and Loyalty

Free giveaways are an indispensable part of your business. They are something that Web surfers have come to expect: their email address for your free giveaway, Quid pro quo. The purpose, of course, is to persuade people to part with their email addresses. It’s a process commonly referred to as list building. But there’s a…

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Thoughts On Delivery of Your Free Giveaway

Free giveaways are a powerful inducement in getting people to join your list. They simply won’t do it now solely on the basis that what they might receive from you will be valuable. You have to give it to them to prove that it is, otherwise they have no reason to believe you. There are…

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Make Your Free Giveaway Easy to Use

After free content in the wider Web, free giveaways are the next step to getting people onto your list. It’s a milestone when you can get prospects interested enough in you to visit your site. It means that you’ve struck a chord with them, and now they want to learn more about you. Of course,…

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How to Create Your Free Giveaways Efficiently

While it’s important to create free giveaways that people can’t live without and in a form that will be easy for them to obtain the promised benefit as quickly as possible, it’s equally important that you learn how to create them efficiently. This is especially true if you’re a solopreneur. You may have honed the…

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How do I Choose What to Create For a Free Giveaway?

Question: I have only one problem with content marketing, and it is not producing content, for if you wake me out of a deep sleep, I can easily write 5 articles and shoot 10 YouTube videos, and then go back to sleep. My problem is finding what free item that visitors want and are interested…

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