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Make Your Free Giveaway Easy to Use

After free content in the wider Web, free giveaways are the next step to getting people onto your list. It’s a milestone when you can get prospects interested enough in you to visit your site. It means that you’ve struck a chord with them, and now they want to learn more about you.

Of course, many of your competitors are doing it, and that means that what you offer should be better than everyone else.

One way to do that is to make it easy to use. The need to gain the value it offers as quickly as possible.

There are two essential parts to this, and they are actually part of the triad of characteristics that people look for in any giveaway. Those three are cheap, simple, and easy.

The fact that the giveaway is free takes care of the cheap part. That leaves simple and easy.

Simple just means that they don’t need software that’s out of the ordinary in order to use it. Computers nowadays come with programs that let you read, listen to, or watch content online. And as long as you keep it to those basics, then you should be fine.

People don’t like .exe files, however, and so you want to keep your giveaways in the more common forms: pdf, mp3 and mp4. Those are trusted formats.

Easy is more difficult for you as a content creator. That’s because of the rising free line. The free line is the term applied to the level of quality in a free giveaway. In the early days of the Internet, they could be anything; but as more and more people produced anything, the quality of that free giveaway has had to rise just to stay ahead of the mainstream.

Quite often that has meant that the free giveaways became more difficult to use.

But, if computers already come equipped to open these giveaways, how then could they become difficult to use?

The answer is that many of them have become longer.

Look at your day. How much of it could you use to read, listen to, or watch a free giveaway? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? And hour?

You’re probably a multi-tasker. How many minutes would you be willing to give up if all you could do was to focus on reading, listening to, or watching something for the length of time that it took in order to obtain the benefit that you wanted?

You need to apply the same principle when you create your free giveaway.

The new more, is less.

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