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Thoughts On Delivery of Your Free Giveaway

Free giveaways are a powerful inducement in getting people to join your list. They simply won’t do it now solely on the basis that what they might receive from you will be valuable. You have to give it to them to prove that it is, otherwise they have no reason to believe you.

There are just too many charlatans on the Web to take you at your word.

Although high-quality free giveaways are a given, their means of delivery quite often is not. And if you want to have any credibility with those who join your list, then you need to take this on board before you tell anyone what you’re offering them.

There are two common ways in which Internet markets attempt to deliver their free giveaways unethically. The first is by charging for their free giveaway.

That may sound like an oxymoron, but here’s how it works.

Let’s say that you’ve found a free giveaway that you really want. You go to the landing page where you expect to find a sign-up form. What you find instead is a credit card form. And the deal is that in order to get the free giveaway, you have to provide your credit card number, CVV, expiration date, etc.

What’s your reaction? How does that make you feel? Misled? Duped? Conned?

You’ve be absolutely right to feel that way because no matter how often your told that your credit card details will not be used, you’re left wondering why on earth they need them.

It’s not exactly the way to build trust from the outset, and the smart thing really would be to go to a different web site altogether.

The second way is just as devious.

In this scenario, you’re promised a valuable giveaway in exchange for your email address. But instead of getting a link to the giveaway, you’re sent to a sales page. That page, of course, attempts to sell you a high-ticket item.

Some sales pitches are long, while others take you into an upsell/downsell sequence. But either way, they have your email address, and you are on a wild goose chase trying to get the giveaway that you originally wanted.

If you’ve ever had that experience, then I’m sure that you made every effort to get off of the offending list as soon as possible.

Imagine how your prospects would feel if that was their first experience with you?

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