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Adding Cost and Guarantees to Your Sales Letter

There are a few other things that need to be included such as the cost.  You need to tell them how much it is.  That can range from just a couple of paragraphs, and it really builds value.  Or a one liner that tells them the price.

A guarantee can be helpful, generally when you put together a really strong guarantee, you’ll double or triple your sales.  You’ll also increase your refunds about 1% to 2 %.  That’s usually worth it for me, I’ve split tested this.

If I find on a particular product that the guarantee doesn’t matter, I’ll take the guarantee out.  I will do that if I find that the conversion rate is the same with or without the guarantee.  I find that if you haven’t doubled or tripled your sales by adding a guarantee, you generally don’t have a good relationship with people and they’re only buying due to the guarantee.
I don’t typically cold sell anyone; anyone that buys from me, they’ve been on my list and they know me or they’re getting to know me.  Maybe they’ve heard my voice or they’ve received a few free items, or read several helpful emails, possibly read some articles of mine.

In some ways I can pull off not using a guarantee much easier than someone who is selling to a cold audience that doesn’t know them.

The other reason if you’re not doubling or tripling sales with a guarantee is that your sales letter is not strong enough.  I have found thought that when I beef up my sales letter, when I do a good job of preselling in my campaign, then the split test, the guarantee doesn’t make much of a difference.  So if the guarantee does make the difference, I leave the guarantee in and either go back and fix the sales letter, or if it doesn’t make a difference, I take it out.

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