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Books to Help Boost Your Content Marketing

Some of you are readers. I want to recommend a few books that have influenced my thinking on this. A lot of times folks come to me and they say “Where do you learn from?”

By the way, if you just go to Amazon, and go to books, and type in the search bar, “growth hacking”, and just buy all 20 books that show up on the 1st page, and read them all, you’ll be amazed at what you learn. But I’ve curated 3 of them for you.

The first one is Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday.

I’m not telling you that everything in these books works! I’m not telling you that I agree with everything in them. In fact, if I remember correctly in this Growth Hacker Marketing I might disagree with a lot that’s in the book. If I remember correctly, I don’t like the way it’s written. I hate to say anything negative about anybody, but without having the book in front of me I probably shouldn’t say anything. Here’s the thing, if you read the book, you’ll get conceptually what you can do on your website.

Next one is Startup Growth Engines: Case studies of How Today’s Most Successful Startups Unlock Extraordinary Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown. If I remember correctly, it’s a bit of a weak book. It’s about 50 short blurbs about 50 companies. But, if you read that, if you don’t get an idea by the 37th company, you’re not learning to be creative.

Last one, now this one is almost a classic in today’s times, that’s called Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger.

If you will read these 3 books… you don’t need to memorize anything in them, you don’t need to take a test, but if you’ll read these 3 books, combine the concepts in those books, not the steps, the concepts, with what I’ve shared with you today.

Sit down and say, “What’s my strategy?” How will you dominate? I believe that if you’ve listened to me today, taken notes, and you want to, you can build your website to the top 500 or the top 1000 in the United States, or in the world.

I believe you can do it quite quickly. You’ve got to do all of these things. I don’t say you have to do EVERY thing, but you can’t just say I’m going to take one tiny little part I learned and use that. If you will assimilate all of this, and create a growth strategy, and evaluate that growth strategy, every single one of them, tell everybody, and evaluate virality, evaluate how people are sharing, and focus on sharing, and focus on great content, focus on getting people to share, and why aren’t they sharing, and asking people why are they sharing, and really dig into content and sharing. I believe that you can take your website to the top 500, or top 1000 in the world. I believe that deep down inside.

I want to see you do it!

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