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Buying Ad Drops to Very Large Lists

There are two more things I want to share with you to wrap up this training.

From time to time you’ll come across some big emailers in your niche.  Maybe somebody that has a 150k subscribers.  And they don’t go by “Johnny” anymore.  They go by the such-and-such mailing corporation.  At first glance you might look at that and think they’re commercial and not a good fit for you.

But, if they’re not in the business of selling as many solo ads as possible, they may be a good choice. Maybe they advertise that five times a month they open up a solo ad spot.  That may be an email that you could be interested in sending.

With those types of relationships, you basically buy your way in.  They’re saying we do five mailings a month, and to mail to our list it’s $2k a mailing.  This is what it is.  Because it’s a huge, mass list, you’re probably not going to get the same conversion rate response as you would on a smaller list.

As you grow your business… let’s say you’re running something new, and you want to get 5k subscribers next month, well that’s a lot of work if you do it 50 subscribers per mailing.  But, if you can get two people, or two companies that can get you 2k subscribers each in their mailings, that’s 4k subscribers right away.  Then 20 little guys to give you 50 apiece, so you’ve got your 5k.

So sometimes having a big mailer, even if the quality is a little bit lower, can work well to get you sheer volume.  I’ve done that before.  I’ve bought lots of quality ads.  I really wanted to hit some numbers.  I bought a couple of big ads that the quality wasn’t there, but if I broke even or better when you average it all together, it works out and I’ve got the numbers.

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