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Choosing How Many Traffic Sources to Focus On

Here’s the thing, in every one of these categories, there’s like 10 categories of traffic.

Let’s just say that in each category there’s 500k people that are your possible prospects.

Then we need to know is that your sequence is going to convert a little bit differently to each one of these categories. Not bad, not worse, not better, or not good in each category – it’s really relatively compared to each other. What will happen is as you tweak your email campaign, and as you tweak your sales letters, you tweak to your current traffic. You’re tweaking it for one of those sources. That traffic source will begin to outperform all the other traffic sources. Not because it’s the best traffic source, but because you’re optimizing your email campaign to that traffic source.
What that means is, that if you go into 10 categories, or 8 categories, or 6 categories, and you’re trying to drive traffic, and you’re trying to tweak your email campaign to all of those traffic sources…

…Wow, it gets confusing. It gets convoluted. It gets difficult. And your conversion rates aren’t as high as if you were just focusing on 1, 2, or 3 traffic sources.

If it took all 10 traffic sources in order to get 1k new subscribers each month, well, then use all 10 traffic sources. You have to do whatever it takes and just pull all the stops out.

But the truth of the matter is, if you were to be 100% focused on any 1 of these sources, you could probably generate 1k new subscribers each month from any 1 of these particular sources.

Now some would happen faster than others. The reason for that is some of these traffic sources are already established in the world. All you have to do is plug in.

For example, if you’re putting articles in Ezine Articles, they’re already getting the traffic.
If you’re looking at forums, and groups that are already established online, all you have to do is break into them.

Now if it’s your forum, it’s going to take you a long time to build up your forum to the place that generates 1k new subscribers.

Same thing with Google+. Google+ it’s going to take a long time for you to gather everything that you need. Now if you break into other people’s groups, and you were to spend all of your time doing that, hey, maybe that’s a whole different ballgame.

LinkedIn: if you’re looking at LinkedIn from a perspective of getting out there and beginning to network, LinkedIn already has the prospects out there. All you have to do is go fishing.

Look at Facebook. If you’re looking at your page (whether it’s a personal page, or a business page) – if you’re going to build up your page, then it’s going to take a very long time. You can do sponsored posts; just remember you’re paying for the traffic to come in with that method.

Again, if you get involved in other people’s Facebook sites and groups, maybe you can break in without having to build up.

I just wanted to give you some examples there. The idea is that any 1 of these traffic sources alone could be responsible for 1k new subscribers. It’s a lot easier to get 1k new subscribers from 1 traffic source if you’re really focused, than it is to have your focus split all over the place, and try to get 100 from each one.

Maybe you’re thinking “Well, I have a really hard time getting that many subscribers from 1 place, so therefore I have to branch off into lots of different places.”

I would say two things:

#1, okay, if that’s what you have to do, that’s what you have to do. If that’s working for you, okay. But, if that’s not working for you, and getting enough subscribers from a single source is not working for you… My guess is that you’re not doing the traffic gen at the highest level of expertise.

Think about it in light of this example: let’s say that people plant a garden. You have two people plant a garden. They each have 1/4 of an acre to plant their garden in. They’re both given a certain number of seeds. They’re both given an allotment of water. They’re both given a tool for pulling weeds. They’re both given a set of gloves.

At the end of the season they’re both sitting side by side. They got the same rainfall, they live in
the same neighborhood. At the end of the season, one person has barely gotten any vegetables out of their garden. And the other person has so many vegetables they’re just giving them away. It’s not the ground. It’s not the seeds. It’s not the water. It’s not the air. It’s not the neighborhood. It’s not the gloves. It’s not the hoe. It’s not the weeds.

It is the person’s level of expertise.

I hear a lot of times things along these lines. I want to generate traffic, and I want to do it really easily. I want an easy way to generate traffic.

The truth of the matter is; all the easy ways are used up.

I say that tongue in cheek.

Here’s the thing… If there’s an easy source of traffic, then a million people on earth have already jumped in there to try and do that same easy source of traffic. Think – what if you were to go to the local fair and notice that there’s no line at the Ferris Wheel, so you send out a bulletin to everyone in the fair. 500 people are hanging out at the fair and you say “Hey, there’s no line over at the Ferris wheel!”

Well, in 5 minutes there’s going to be a really long line at the Ferris wheel. And, you and your friends aren’t going to be able to ride the Ferris wheel.

That’s the problem with “easy traffic.” As soon as somebody figures out that it’s easy traffic, it’s not easy anymore!

Now there’s a big old long line of people trying to get in there.

The only way that you’re going to be able to get on that Ferris wheel (without waiting behind 500 people) is if you’re a V.I.P.

It’s the same way with traffic.

You need to become a V.I.P. with traffic in whatever your source is. You’ve got to become an expert at a traffic source in order to really generate traffic.

Again, you’re not going to generate much traffic unless you become an expert at that traffic source.

If that’s the case, which would you rather be?

An expert at 10 things, or an expert at 1 thing?

I think you know where I’m going with that. I’m not going to pound that issue anymore. Let’s now talk about what do you do when you just don’t know which one of those categories that you want to work with?

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