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How to Diversify Out Your Product Funnel

Creating entry-level products is an important first step in building up your online business.  I recently covered how you can create multiple low-ticket products quickly – click here for my simple product creation method.  These products are versatile and help you set the stage to sell more.

You’re probably also thinking about upsell products – an online course is an extremely popular option today.  I’m often asked this by clients who have created several entry-level products (or have them outlined), but want to think about connecting an upsell:

“I’m not sure my low-ticket products all work together where they could all go to an online course.  Do your entry-level products all point to the same upsell at the next level?  Do they all point in that direction?”

Here’s the reality: In the long term they don’t have to.  Keep in mind that what I’ve been teaching here and on my IBU website is the concept that somebody can start from zero, and create 6 products in a couple of weeks, and create an online course that goes along with that.

If you’ve already got products you may find that you’ve got 3 entry level products that really fit with one online course and you’ve got 4 that fit with a different one and 6 others that fit with a 3rd one!  But in your case you would have multiple back ends.

Ultimately, that’s probably what we all want to do in our niche – is diversify out within the niche subtopics.  But really the model that recommend is simply the foundation, and you could bolt onto the back of it as much as possible.  You don’t have to have six front-end products all pointing to one online course.  This is more designed as this is one way you can get this done, and get them done really, really, quickly.  So that you have a foundation, so that you can begin to plug other things into the back of it and add to it over time.

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